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Who is a Creative Writer?

Career in creative writing is a highly creative and mentally stimulating pursuit.

Job Description:  
  As the name suggests, a Creative Writer is a person who writes creative copy. The job of a creative writer includes just some of the following -
  • Write highly effective website content that sends the desired message across creatively and in a tasteful manner.

  • Interact with all other departments and then transform collective ideas into highly creative content.

Some of the common creative jobs include - comic book writers, children's story writing, novelists, greeting card message writers, advertising copy, lyricists, poetry writing etc.

Profile / Skills required:  
  • Excellent writing and editing skills

  • A background in Media, Journalism and creative writing

  • Creative bend of mind

  • Ability to think out-of-the-box
  • Ability to play with words
  • Willing to take risks

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