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Translation Services, India

English to Hindi Translation & Hindi Language to English Translation 

With the existence of so many languages, translation services become very valuable in making a written material usable by people knowing different languages. In India, people speak and understand many different languages and the role of a Language Translator becomes very important. 

If you are looking for a freelance Hindi to English and English to Hindi Translator, we can help!

What we can do - Hindi to English & English to Hindi Translation

  • Translation of Articles, Poems and Stories.

  • Rewrite Articles, Stories and Poems in Hindi or English.

  • Write thoughts and quotes in Hindi or English.

  • Translate Hindi quotes into English or vice versa, while keeping the meaning intact.

  • Develop messages and thoughts for Greeting Cards in Hindi and English.

  • Translate passages from religious books in Hindi to English.

Our strength : maintaining the original theme, tone of voice and meaning while translating from one language to another.  We at Content Writer, India have writers who are equally proficient in both Hindi and English. Hence, if you are looking for a freelance Translator who is well versed in Hindi and English to work on Translation projects for you or your organisation, let us know.

Remember: We take on a project only if we feel we can do full justice to it! 


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Hindi to English & English to Hindi Translation Services, India


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