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Content Tip: If your website gets visitors from around the globe, it can help to have your pages translated by a good language translator.



Who is a Translator?

The Internet is flooded with information which is accessible by people all over the world.  Since different people speak and understand different languages, it has become essential for webmasters to make their sites accessible in different languages. This helps to make sure that they don't lose out on any traffic.

A Translator is a person who translates content  - books, articles, white papers, stories etc from one language to another. For eg, In India, Companies look for Hindi Translators who can translate books on mythology from English to Hindi or vice versa.

Job Description:  

  • Read and understand the material to be translated.

  • Translate the text into the desired language.

  • Proof Read and edit the text to make sure that the translated content delivers the same meaning as the initial content.

Profile / Skills required:  

  • Ability to read, write and understand different languages.

  • Excellent knowledge of grammar, language and spellings.

  • A good vocabulary and editing and proof reading skills.

The job of a Translator can be very challenging and requires an in depth knowledge of languages. 

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