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Who is a Technical Writer?

A Technical Writer is a highly qualified professional with an inherent ability to understand how something technical works. These writers have a technical bend of mind which helps them to analyze scientific knowledge, understand it and then further explain it in simple language that is understandable by every one.

Job Description:  

The responsibilities of a Technical Writer can include the following

  • Prepare catalogs, user manuals and guides, technical help books, online help documents and engineering reports.

  • Work closely with Engineers, Scientists, pharma, accountants etc.

  • Communicate and interact with actual developers of products.

Profile / Skills required:  

Technical Writers must have an ability to understand well and then explain well.

  • Strong technical knowledge in the given field with a good grasp of technical terminology.

  • Ability to write in a simple, concise and accurate manner.

  • Good research and documentation skills.

Today, there is a lot of scope for technical writers. Companies belonging to Industries such as Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, aircraft manufacturing, computer software etc, all hire Technical Writers.

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