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What is a Mini Site? In simple terms, a minisite refers to a small website that is easy to maintain, and is usually made up of a couple of web pages, all focused on one primary topic. Each webpage of a minisite contains about 250 words of content.

Who Needs A Mini Site?

Scenario #1: You have invested / bought / currently own a keyword-specific domain name but you are not using it. If you've left it with a parking page, why not develop it into a minisite?

Scenario #2: You had bought a number of industry-specific domain names but you've only developed a few of them. Why not develop the others into a mini site and use them like a tool to link back to your main business website? This way, you'll have multiple landing pages that will bring visitors to your business, one way or the other. You can also consider selling these domains and fetch higher prices for them since they are not just empty domains, rather well-developed websites that may even rank well on search engines.

Scenario #3: Your main business website (whether it promotes a service or a product) is your primary source of revenue. By evaluating your most popular and widely searched product / service, you can create a separate minisite for it using a well-targeted domain name. This will enable you to strengthen your busines presence by attracting visitors and linking back to your main website.

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Benefits of a Mini Site 

  • Mini sites are easy to create and maintain as they consist just a few pages.

  • Since a minisite is created for a well-targeted, industry-specific and business-relevant keyword, it can help you to rank well on search engines for that particular key phrase and eventually, passes on the benefit to the primary website it links to.

  • Minisites add to your web properties.

  • Building a minisite is a great way to utilize domain names that are not in use, and are simply lying around with a parking page.

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