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Travel Writers


Travel writing is one of the most interesting forms of writing. The job of a travel writer is very exciting - it includes writing reviews and travelling guides about different countries, cities and tourist destinations. Most travel writers work on a freelance basis for Travel Guide Portals while others work on a full time basis for Guide books etc.

Whatever be the case, travel writing can be a very fulfilling field for more reasons than one! Many writers visit countries and places & then compile a travel guide for other travelers to read before they begin their journey.  

Others, have a knack for research and are able to create interesting visual pictures by the use of descriptive words. Travel Writers create alluring descriptions for exotic places, crowded markets and ancient monuments with grace and adventure.

Job Description: What does a Travel Writer Do?  

The responsibilities of a Travel Writer can include the following:

  • Writing and composing travel related reviews of countries & places based on their personal experiences & visits - for travel portals, magazines and travel guides. 

  • Research based travel writing about Best Hotels, Shopping destinations, Market places and other site seeing options in different countries.  

Profile / Skills required:  

Most Travel Portals, travel related websites and magazines look for Travel Writers on a full time / freelance basis.

These Writers must usually possess the following skills and traits :

  • Travel writers must have a knack for writing interesting descriptions and an ability to create interesting visual pictures through the use of words. 

  • Must be fond of traveling & discovering new places.
  • Must have an ability to handle pressure.
  • An experience with a publishing house can be an added advantage.

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