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Content Tip: It is easy to overlook simple typos, spelling errors etc while writing content. Editing and proof reading content before making it online is extremely important.


What is the Job of a Proof Reader?

Whether online or in the print media, content plays a very important role. Almost all magazines, books, journals etc are proof read before sending them in for publication. Content for websites are checked and rechecked to make sure that it is free from grammatical errors, typos or spelling mistakes. 

All this makes the job of a Proof Reader very important.  

Job Description:  

What does a proof reader do?

  • Proofing and editing text.

  • Compiling proof reading reports.

  • Correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and factual inaccuracies.

  • Removing typos and editing reports, white papers, articles and other content materials.

  • Organizing text into proper paragraphs and sentence formations.

Profile / Skills required:  
  • A graduate in English, Journalism, Mass Communication.

  • Excellent written and spoken English with a good knowledge of Grammar.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Attention to details and a critical eye to note errors and correct them.

  • Knowledge of Proof reading marks.

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