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Job Profile of a Ghost Writer


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Ghost Writer - Job Profile

Putting ideas or information into words can be a challenging job for some. Not everybody can write and for this very reason God made Ghost Writers!

Irrespective of what one wants written, a Ghost Writer can help. To put it simply, a Ghost Writer is a person who writes for some one else. Take for e.g. an artist who wants to put down his life's work in words but lacks the experience or the necessary writing skills. The smartest thing for him to do is to hire a Ghost Writer

Job Description:  

  • A Ghost Writer writes for someone else.

  • Ghost Writing is a form of collaboration between one who has knowledge, experience and a story to tell with a person who has the skills to frame the story in words.

  • The Ghost Writer uses someone else's knowledge and experiences as research material for what he/she writes.

  • The Ghost is expected to write on any topic ranging from travel, IT, branding, marketing etc.

Profile / Skills required:  
  • Strong writing skills.

  • An ability to put ideas, information and experiences into words.

  • Interest in a wide variety of subjects and ideas.

  • Patience and good listening skills.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively

A Ghost Writer gets an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and gain knowledge on a large number of diverse subjects.

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