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It is easy to overlook simple typos and spelling errors while writing content. It is recommended to edit and proof read your content before publishing it online.


Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) & Their Answers

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Writing Services
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Do you want to outsource your website content writing, copywriting and article writing requirements to us? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Services, Pricing & Hiring Options, and their detailed answers -  

 I might require your services once in a while. Can I hire you on a retainer-basis?


You can outsource your writing tasks to us, as and when the need arises. It can be a small, 1-page content writing job or a bulk project that involves hundreds of pages/articles. Though we have undertaken large projects on a retainer-basis, such an association is ideal for blog maintenance and blog post writing projects. For all other work, we are happy to work with you on a project-basis. Write to us with your specific writing needs, and we will work out the best plan for you.

Will you be able to develop web content for my niche business even though you do not have prior experience in the field?


Sure, we can write about your niche industry with a little help from you. Every new project is unique for us, and this is why, we begin the actual writing after thoroughly understanding your setup, services and business model. We ask relevant questions and start writing after receiving your answers. Whenever required, we perform in-depth online research to add to our knowledge and understanding of your industry. We welcome your inputs in this matter. Feel free to point us to useful websites and links that you would like us to study. 

 Will I own copyright to the content you supply?


Yes, once we have received the complete payment, all content (website content / articles) supplied by us will be yours to use. 

 I am looking for technical writing services but cannot locate any information on your site.


At contentwriter.in, we believe real happiness is derived from doing what you enjoy most, and doing it sincerely - that's why, instead of trying to do everything, we offer our forte to our valued customers. We do not provide technical writing services. If you need technical content, we suggest that you perform a Google Search for Technical Writing Services India. For all other Content Writing Services, Write to Us
 How much time do you take to deliver a 5-page website content?


On an average, we take a week or less to deliver content for a five-page website. Work begins on receipt of advance payment. If you would like outsource an urgent writing project, please mention the deadline when you write to us. Contact us with details of your project, and we will try our best to take-on your urgent writing job. 
 Why haven't you mentioned your writing rates on the website?


We believe in offering a one-to-one service to each of our valued customers. Since every project is different, we prefer to send you a personalized quotation after understanding your requirements. We find this approach more suitable as opposed to pointing you to a static page with writing rates.
 We are hiring you for the first time. Why should we pay you an advance?


We understand your concern. However, please note that being professionals in this field, we base our work around policies that hold true for each and every client, irrespective of whether you are a new customer or a repeat client. Moreover, even in the physical plane, every dependable service provider will expect an advance before beginning work for you. In the past, we have had clients who have not paid us for the work we submitted. Hence, in order to maintain a level of trust and professionalism, we require an advance payment after which we will begin work on your project. Write to us with details of your writing requirement to know the advance amount you'll have to pay to get the work started.

 What kind of background information do you require before sending me a price quote for my project?


Please be as detailed as possible when you contact us with your writing needs. To begin with, let us know the writing service you would like to hire, number of pages/articles required, preferred word count, scope of work as well as your preferred timeframe to complete the project. Once we receive these essential details from you, we will write back. Send us your queries contact@contentwriter.in, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

 Is there an additional charge for revisions?


We offer one-round of revisions, free of charge. If you would like us to rework the content at a later stage, the revisions will be chargeable.

 When you calculate the total word count, do you also charge for 'a' 'an' 'the', etc.


The total word count is calculated using the Word Count tool in MS Word. Yes, all words that make up the content are counted, including vowels.
 I have a large writing project. However, before outsourcing the whole project, I would like to test your services.

We will be happy to start work on a small portion of your project. If you are satisfied with the quality of service delivered, you can outsource the entire project to us.

 I am worried about plagiarism. Do you copy-paste content from other websites?


We are a dependable content writing company. We never copy-paste content from other websites. Even though we do conduct online research for topics that require additional reading, we make sure that the content we write for you (website content / articles / product descriptions) is totally original and appropriate for your website. Your 100% satisfaction is our primary motto.

 Can I see samples of your writing?


For an idea of our writing style and the work we have done so far, please visit Sample Portfolio here: http://www.contentwriter.in/samples-portfolio.htm.

We have tried to make this FAQ section as exhaustive as possible. If we have missed out on your question, feel free to write to us - contact@contentwriter.in




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