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Children Story writing is an enriching experience. When writing for kids, remember to entertain them and also teach them something valuable.

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Story Writing Services - Content Writer's Fun Stories for Children

Children's Story Writing Services by Content Writer & Story Writer India

The Best Gift for Kids is the gift of simple, moral based, magical & motivational stories which will preserve their childhood imaginations and help them learn good values. By inculcating the habit of reading early in their lives, we can help children to develop strong reading and writing skills which will help them as they grow up. Add to this the opportunity to improve their vocabulary and understanding of the English & Hindi language.

Irrespective of whether you are a Parent, a Day Care Centre, an Educational Institute, a Spiritual Organisation or the Publisher of a Children's Magazine, you can outsource your story writing requirements to Content Writer India.

Over the years, we have written a variety of stories for kids of all age groups. Our past clients are spread across all parts of the globe. No matter which part of the world you may be in - India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, China, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Holland, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Poland, or Thailand, etc,

Email us to Hire our Story Writing Services.

Our Story Writing Forte: Our Indian (creative) Story Writers have the knack of writing simple, short stories for children in English & Hindi, for kids in the age group of 3 to 10, under the following genres -

  • Folk Tale Stories - Folk tales are stories that have been handed down from generations and have been a source of both interest and learning. They teach good values to children which can further help in building their character.
  • Fairy Tale Stories - Fairy tales are such stories that capture the imagination of kids, worldwide. They talk about fairies and other magical creatures who help children to distinguish between what is good and bad.
  • Adventure Stories - As the title suggests, these are stories of different adventures a child goes through. Such stories inspire courage and bravery in kids.
  • Mystery Stories - Most of us love mysteries of any kind. Mystery Stories help children develop their intellectual ability. These are stories of intrigue and drama and have the knack of mesmerising the reader.
  • Inspirational & Motivational Stories - Such stories help kids to overcome their small inhibitions and fear by giving examples of the theory - "Try and try again, at last you will succeed." Motivational and inspirational stories motivate children towards positive action and teaches them something valuable.
  • Fantasy & Magical Stories - The word fantasy itself opens up gates of delight, expectancy and wonder in the lives of young readers. They forget their small worries while reading such stories and are pulled into the world of giants, dwarfs, pixies, gnomes and witches.
  • Spiritual Stories - These stories help kids to develop their faith in the Supreme being. By reading spiritual stories, children are able to hope, pray and love every being created by the Almighty.
  • Moral Stories - They teach kids the importance of morality in their lives. Children are taught good character building techniques through moral based stories. Choose your moral and we will deliver your story.
  • Theme based Stories - The theme of the story will be yours and the words will be ours. We can deliver theme based stories, customised to your needs. Give us a theme of your choice and we will write a story based on your theme, offering you good reading material for kids.
  • Vocabulary based Stories - Learning new words and improving one's vocabulary is an important part of learning a language. If you have a list of vocabulary that you wish to teach kids of a certain age group through the means of an inspiring, moral based story, we can help.
  • Creative, Picture Stories - Now that your team of artists have prepared a kid's story using a series of images / pictures / sketches, hire us to lend our voice to the pictures through words, dialogues and narration.

Story Writing in Hindi: We also write stories in the Hindi language (Hindi Stories). Stories in Hindi are delivered in electronic format, typed using English alphabets.

Poetry Writing in English and Hindi Languages : We write short rhyming / non-rhyming poems for special occasions. Interested in hiring our poetry writing services? Contact Us

If you are looking to outsource story writing projects for kids, we can help Email us, let us know your requirement in detail. We will get back to you soon.

Remember: Exposure to good habits of reading and writing help a child to live his / her childhood dreams to the fullest and grow into a positive and optimistic human being. A child's mind can be moulded to correct thought and action by reading good literature.

Write to us at with your story writing needs






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