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Who is a Research Writer?

A Research Writer is one who is proficient in researching information on a wide variety of topics from online as well as offline sources and then reproducing it in a desired format.

Job Description:  
  • Familiarize and understand the aim of conducting research.
  • Carry on in depth research and study on particular topics.
  • Gather and understand information.
  • Compile and summarize researched information, data and statistics into reports, documents and case studies.   

Profile / Skills required:  
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.

  • A sharp mind with a good understanding of information.

  • A strong ability to read, grasp, understand, analyze  and reproduce information in a methodical and goal oriented manner.

  • Capable of studying and analyzing data from a broad range of disciplines.

  • A good understanding of industry specific terminology.

Research Writers are sought after by Companies belonging to all major Industries such as Banking, Medical, Insurance, Travel etc. 

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