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Do You Work from Home? Make your Home office organised, comfortable and cheerful

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Tips for Organising Your Home Office - How to Make Your SOHO Comfortable, Cheerful & Welcoming?

Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Decor Essentials


Now that you've decided to work from home on a full time basis, isn't it the right time to get organised and pay a little extra attention to making your home office more comfortable, productive and private?

With the concept of SOHO (Small Office Home Office) gaining prevalence all over the world, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are looking homewards to create an office space that is as productive as a commercial office would be. If you want to function well and make a success of your work-from-home setup, you must pay attention to the look and feel of your SOHO that must be conducive to efficient work.

You will be surprised to know how a little bit of focused planning and attention to the decor, design and look of your office space can do wonders to your overall productivity and effectiveness at work.

Here are a few simple tips that can help -

1) Proper Lighting - Your home office space should be well lighted and should preferably get sufficient natural light throughout the day. During the evenings, there should be provision for enough artificial lighting so that your workspace is well lighted. There can be nothing worse than having to work in a poorly lit room. Bright interiors and a lively workspace are bound to boost your morale and keep you happy and upbeat.

2) Proper Ventilation - If possible, convert a room with a window into your office space as a nice, airy room can do wonders for your mood and productivity at work. Never underestimate the importance of proper ventilation in your SOHO.


3) Pay Attention to Privacy -  Many people are unsure about working from home as they fear a lack of privacy in their home office setup and rightly so. When you work from home, chances of interruptions increase manifold as compared to working out of an office building. However, some effort on your part can take care of your need for privacy and noise control - Modern day solutions offer sound deafening features that can be added to your walls. Think about getting strong wooden panels in your office space to get privacy and a bit of seclusion.

4) Look & Decor - Consider all the things you like - everything that cheers you up and lifts your mood. Now select from these to create a pleasing atmosphere in your office. Paint the walls of your room in colors you like. Get in some potted plans to add a bit of life and greenery. Place a few personal objects such as family photos, etc. to personalize your space. The aim is to make the office room pleasant and to your liking.

5) Furnish your Space Well - While working from home, pay extra attention to the furniture you use. Working for long hours in front of the computer or sitting in the same position can lead to many postural problems. Hence, make sure to invest in an ergonomic office furniture set that improves your efficiency and helps you maintain a healthy posture.

Keep in mind that you should be proud of your home office and should enjoy working there. Paying attention to such small details in your SOHO setup can tremendously improve its look and feel while enhancing your overall working experience.

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