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Essentials of a Good Writing Space

Is your Writing Space Inspiring, Inviting & Invigorating?

Writers spend hours at a stretch at their writing tables, dishing out words that have the power to empower, motivate, inspire and educate. The work of a writer requires concentration, creativity, inspiration, and skills to put ideas, thoughts, and opinions into words. Of course, productivity at work is mainly affected by the frame of mind the writer is in while writing, and this makes it imperative to have a good writing space.

For those of you who spend a large part of your day at your desk, writing, it is important to pay special attention to optimising and organising your work space, irrespective of whether you work out of an office or from your very own small office, home office (SOHO).

Do not underestimate the value of a well lit, well organized and pleasant writing area as your surroundings can greatly enhance your mood, creativity and motivation, thereby improving the quality of your writing!

What Makes a Good Writing Space? Here are some essentials of a good writing space -

Comfortable, Ergonomic Furniture

Because you're going to be spending a large part of your day working at your desk, you must invest in ergonomic furniture. Choose ergonomically designed furniture pieces such as writing desk, chair or computer table to maintain correct posture, reduce chances of suffering from repetitive strain (stress) injuries and get much-needed back support.

Every piece of furniture in your workspace should be well constructed so that it enhances your productivity at work and does not, in any way interfere with your ability to concentrate and get work done.

Additionally, your work chair should be of just the right height so that it allows you to sit comfortably and work attentively without getting tired.

Clutter Free - Look at the objects on your desk and consider this - "Do these items need to stay on my table? Are these items contributing in any way to my productivity at work? If not, remove them from the table.

Your writing desk must be spacious, tidy, well organised and free from any form of clutter. Keep essential items on the table and store all other things separately. File papers and documents using folders and do not crowd around the desk.

Well Lit, Pleasant & Well Ventilated - Your writing space should preferably have a mix of natural as well as artificial lighting. A window works wonders as it allows both natural light as well as sunlight to seep in as well as keeps your space well ventilated and airy.

Bear in mind that your writing table is kept in such a space which is neither too cold nor too hot.  In addition, you must invest in good quality lamps and adjustable lights that light up your work space and make your surroundings well lit and bright.

A pleasant workspace and writing desk can get your creative juices flowing in no time. Here are some ideas -

  • - Introduce colors into your workspace as it can enhance your mood and improve its look and feel. Paint the walls of your space in your favourite color / soothing colors.
  • - Invest in beautiful paintings or inspirational posters that keep you motivated and happy.
  • - Bring nature into your writing area by placing potted plants and fresh flowers at your desk.
  • - Use happy, colorful and attractive mouse pads such as those available at CHUMBAK.

Privacy & Personalised Space - Whether you are a fiction writer, a business writer, a travel writer, a content writer or a creative writer, there is always need for inspiration and motivation. Hence, your writing space should be personalized with photographs, posters, wall hangings, paintings - anything that you like and draw motivation from.

Privacy is a primary concern for writers who work from home. Despite working from your SOHO, you can make your writing space private and free from disturbances by investing in good quality blinds for the windows and doors.

Well Equipped - Your writing desk should be well equipped with all items of frequent use such as writing sheets & pen, pencils, erasers, & other stationery items like staplers, pins, markers, etc.

A bookshelf close by can hold your favourite books and dictionary as well as folders containing your essential documents and paperwork. A table with a drawer may be required to store your cd/ DVDs.

Lastly, it is recommended to enjoy what you do and where you do it! A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way in motivating you - so get motivated and start writing!

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