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Tourist Attractions – Places to See in Clean Chandigarh, Garden City - Gardens, Faith & Religion


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City Beautiful : Captivating Chandigarh - The City of Gardens

The city of Chandigarh is located towards the North of India and shares its borders with Punjab in the north-west and Haryana in the south-east. Being the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana as well as a Union Territory of India, Chandigarh is known to be a cosmopolitan city that offers a beautiful mix of modernity and old world charm, what with its beautiful architecture seen throughout the city, its warm people and its serene, green cover, thanks to the large number of gardens that beautify this well planned Indian city.

The green city of Chandigarh has derived its name from two words – “Chandi” which refers to the goddess whose temple is located close by and “Garh” which means a fort. Also known as the “City Beautiful”, Chandigarh is widely appreciated for its cleanliness.

The city is well connected by air, road and rail and has much to offer the discerning traveller who is guaranteed to see glimpses of the city’s past, culture and tradition.

Here is a look at some of the must-sees (Tourist Attractions) while in Chandigarh –

Religion & Faith - Places of Worship in Chandigarh

Both Sikhs and Hindus co-exist in this City of Gardens. There are a number of Gurudwaras and temples in and around the vicinity of Chandigarh and each one of them holds special significance for the devotees.

1. Mansa Devi Temple Located about 8 kms from the Chandigarh bus stop; this is a famous temple of Goddess Mansa Devi and is frequently visited by worshippers from all over India, especially during Navratras.

2. Chandi Mandir When in Chandigarh, you must visit the Chandi Mandir which is situated about 15 kms from Chandigarh and 10 km from the Mansa Devi Temple, on the Chandigarh – Kalka road and is home to Goddess Chandi. In fact, it is believed that Chandigarh was named after this temple.

3. Saketri Temple Just 20 km from the city, this Lord Shiva temple sees large crowds of devotees, especially during Shivratri.


4. Gurudwara Nada Sahib Thousands of Sikhs visit this Gurudwara all year round. Named after Nada Sahib, a follower of Guru Gobind Singh, the Gurudwara Nada Sahib is located 15 km from Chandigarh.

5. Baoli Sahib Gurdwara The Baoli Sahib Gurudwara is located on the Zirakpur - Kalka Highway and holds a lot of religious significance for the Sikh community. It is believed that it was Guru Gobind Singh who solved the problem of water shortage in this area by shooting an arrow into the ground. The spot where the arrow hit the ground became the source of thirst quenching water for the people of this village. The baoli or shallow well is considered to be very holy.

Green Cover - Beautiful Gardens & Parks in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is perhaps the only city of India which is blessed with so many wonderful parks and gardens, each more beautiful than the other. No wonder, it is a pleasure to breathe the clean air here! What makes these gardens even more special is their own individual unique features that make them stand out and attract tourists from all across India and abroad.

1. Rose Garden, Chandigarh Located next to the Cricket Stadium in Sector 16, Chandigarh’s Rose Garden (named after Dr. Zakir Hussain, former President of India) is known worldwide for being the largest Rose Garden in the whole of Asia, spread across 27 acres of land. When you visit this world famous garden, you will be awe-struck to see over 1600 different varieties of roses and some of the most interesting varieties of trees that rank high on medicinal value. If you happen to be in Chandigarh during the month of February, you will get an opportunity to attend the “Festival of Gardens” which is organised here every year.

2. Bougainvillea Garden, Chandigarh Opened in the year 1976, the Bougainvillea Park is located in Sector 3 and is spread across an area of 20 acres. If you like bougainvillea flowers, you will love your experience here as you find more than 100 different varieties of your favourite flower. In addition to flowers, the garden is blessed with beautiful creepers.

3. Garden of Fragrance, Chandigarh As the name suggests, this is an aromatic garden (a part of Leisure Valley), home to a huge variety of fragrant plants and flowers including Jasmine, Champa, Motia and Raat Ki Rani. The Garden of Fragrance is situated in Sector 36, Chandigarh.

Continued Here: Tourist Attractions - Gardens, Buildings, Architecture, History, Museums & Art in Chandigarh

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