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Web Content Writer

The www is flooded with information and a simple search on any of the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN is bound to display numerous results in the form of websites just waiting to be read. No prizes for guessing that content on these websites play the most important role in getting the message across. Since time is less, content on a website should be concise and to the point, giving the visitor the right information quickly.

A Web Content Writer is someone who is assigned the task of writing content exclusively for websites. Web Content basically refers to factual information for e.g. features or benefits of a product, service or an idea.

Job Description: What does a Web Content Writer Do?  

The responsibilities of a Web Content Writer can include the following:
  • Writing web content for websites / portals from scratch.

  • Editing and Proof reading content once written.

  • Writing, editing and proof reading copy for client projects based on the material supplied by them.

  • Writing product descriptions, brand support material etc.

  • Proof reading, editing and writing content on a regular basis for building up the website including informative short articles.

  • Check web pages finally before making them live.

  • Writing content for online magazines etc such as ezines.

Profile / Skills required:  

Content is definitely the most important  element on any website making the job of a Content Writer very important. Most Companies who are looking to hire a Web Content Writer (full time / freelance - Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Content Writer, India), watch out for the following skills and traits :

  • A graduate with a good command over the English language.

  • A flair for writing with an understanding of what works on the internet.

  • An ability to work in a team with good communication skills.

  • An effective writing style that is fresh, consistent and customer friendly. A knack for editing and proof reading with good research skills.

  • Ability to write in a variety of formats and styles for multiple audiences.

  • An understanding of keywords and meta tags - Ability to write web page titles, meta tag descriptions, alt tags for images etc.

  • Experience with a publishing house can be an added advantage.

Organisations belonging to all major industries - Travel, Health, FMCG, Finance etc, hire


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