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Major Cities of India

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Is India a Preferred Tourist Destination?

The Travel and Tourism Industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in most developed countries. Increased work related stress is forcing most working professionals to take regular breaks and holidays throughout the year. There has also been a marked improvement / rise in income levels followed by increased spending power of people that has given a major boost to the tourism industry as a whole.

Countries such as USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Bangkok feature high on the list of favourite tourist destinations. Which leads to the million dollar question -

Where does India stand among other Preferred Holiday Destinations?

Despite the fact that India is a large and beautiful country with many tourist attractions and places to see as well as a mix of cultures and traditions to experience, the Tourism Industry in India fails to keep up with relatively smaller countries like Singapore.

Tourist Destinations in India - Places to visit in India

From contemporary cities to ancient monuments, religious places and holiday destinations, India offers a lot of variety to the foreign tourist.

Some of the must-sees in India include - Kashmir with its beautiful gardens, lakes and snow, Gateway of India and Haji Ali at Mumbai, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Kerala - the Venice of India, The Dilwara temple at Mt. Abu, The Charminar at Hyderad, the rustic beauty of Rajasthan, the varied colors of Gujarat, the rural charm of villages in Punjab and Haryana and the various hill stations like Darjelling, Ooty, Nainital and Shimla etc - the list is long and very colorful.

What is Lacking in India's Tourism Industry?

Despite the fact that India has a wealth of amazing places waiting to be seen and appreciated and an unbeatable tourism potential, India receives far lesser tourists compared to other relatively smaller countries.

Most foreigners who visit India for the first time are heard complaining about

  • over priced Hotel rooms

  • corrupt autos and taxi drivers waiting to take them for a ride, literally!

  • lack of proper infrastructure

  • confusion and chaos at the airport

  • unhygienic conditions etc

Considering the fact that the Tourism Industry contributes largely to the countries total GDP, isn't it time that the Government and authorities pay attention to the problems that tourists and travelers face in India?

The need of the hour is to go on an overdrive to remove corrupt middlemen who take foreigners and tourists for a ride, improve infrastructure and create hygienic conditions in the country so that the next time a foreigner visits India, he goes back praising and promoting us to his friends and family.

Contributing Author: Akanksha is a Freelance Content Writer who enjoys travel writing [email protected]


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