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Copy Writer Qualifications

Writing for the web can be a very challenging job. The tone of voice used when writing copy needs to be just right to meet the goals of a website.

A copywriter is a skilled professional having a certain way with words! The task of a copywriter is largely to produce such copy that is persuasive and attention grabbing, used primarily to meet advertising and marketing needs.  

Job Description:  

While the scope of work assigned to a Copywriter may vary from Company to Company, the following is a brief job description of a Copywriter :

  • Developing highly effective, original and targeted marketing copy for the promotion and sale of goods and services.

  • Working in tandem with other departments of an Organization and writing & editing creative materials for promotions, direct marketing (email, newsletter), advertisements as well as website content, etc.

  • Interacting with clients from time to time and advising them regarding content related issues.

  • A thorough understanding of the target audience and maintaining the right tone of voice while writing copy.

Profile / Skills required:  

  • Excellent command over the English language. Expert writing skills, editing and proof reading abilities.

  • Ability to write concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy that puts the message across.

  • Creative bend of mind with strong visualization skills.  

  • An advertising background with an understanding of Search Engines and Internet Marketing, an added benefit.

  • Exposure to writing print promotional materials, online web content, press releases, copy to assist advertising and marketing efforts, etc.

  • Quick idea generation, ability to come up with ideas at a drop of a hat.

  • Delivering within short time frames and meeting tight deadlines. 

  • A copywriter's job is highly challenging and very interesting.

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