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Bastar District in Chhattisgarh, India - Places To see - Tourist Attractions : Wildlife, Caves, Chitrakot Waterfalls, Forests, Museums, Festivals


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Bastar in Chhattisgarh, India

District Bastar (Jagdalpur – district headquarter) is a vital component of Chhattisgarh tourism and is popular with tourists due to its beauty, folk culture and historical remains. Bastar is blessed with plenty of mineral resources and rich natural beauty which comprises of beautiful green valleys, resplendent rivers, cascading waterfalls and dense forests. From wildlife to greenery, history and heritage, you can find it all here at Bastar. The majority of population found here comprises of tribals.

Where is Bastar Located? Bastar is located in the southern region of the state of Chhattisgarh and is flanked by Kanker district in the North, Dantewada in the South, Orissa in the East and Maharashtra in the West. Bastar is well connected by roadways and the Indian Railways. Rivers in Bastar include Indravati, Mahanadi, Sabari and Sankahni, etc.

There is a lot you can see and experience while in Bastar. This includes :

Varied Wildlife


1. Kanger Valley National Park: If you have an inherent love for nature, you will thoroughly enjoy your visit to the Kanger Valley National Park which is home to diverse fauna & amazing wilderness. Named after the Kanger River and stretching across almost 34kms, the valley is abundant with both sal and teak forests. You are sure to spot tigers, panthers, wild pigs, jackals, sambhars, hyenas, rabbits, snakes, water birds, pheasants and dragonflies etc here.

2. Indravati National Park: Named after the river Indravati, the Indravati National Park is home to green forests and fauna which include tigers, squirrels, wild buffalos and nilgai. If you are looking for peace and serenity, you should definitely experience this beautiful National Park.

Cascading Waterfalls in Bastar

1. Tirathgarh Falls: These falls of the Kanker River can be found around 39 kms south west of Jagdalpur and are a must-see when in Bastar.

2. Chitrakote Falls / Chitrakot Waterfalls: If you are in Bastar, especially between July and October, you’ve got to visit the picturesque Chitrakot waterfalls on the river Indravati. Just about 38 kms from Jagdalpur, the dynamic Chitrakote falls are approx 96 ft high and have an interesting horse-shoe shape. Once you have a look at these majestic falls, you will understand why the Chitrakot are compared with the great Niagra falls.

Other prominent waterfalls in Bastar include Mandra Falls, Lankapalli, Chitradhara and Tamra Ghomar, etc.

Adventurous Caves in Bastar


Kutumsar Caves & Kailash Gupha: A visit to Bastar is incomplete without visiting the mesmerising caves of Kutumsar and Kailash gupha which are located in the Kanger Valley National Park, about 35 - 40 kms south-west of Jagdalpur. An interesting feature that you can enjoy watching is the natural stalactites and stalagmites within the caves. The Kutumsar caves are believed to be the second largest caves in the world. The common belief is that you can see a beautiful shiva linga at the end of the Kailash cave which is considered holy by the tribals.

Other caves in Bastar include the Dandak Cave and other smaller caves such as Kanger, Karpan and Devgiri. There are forest guides available who will assist you in finding your way around.

Museums & Heritage of Bastar

The most famous museum in Bastar is the Tribal Museum by the Anthropological Society of India, located in Jagdalpur. On display are a number of interesting items that can attract the attention and interest in tourists. These include Tribal handicraft items such as terracotta, bamboo and wood craft, bell metal and wrought iron, etc. Cotton fabrics are also quite popular.

Popular Festivals Dusshera is the most famous festival here in Chhattisgarh and is devoted to the Goddess Devi Danteshwari. Members of all the different tribes celebrate this festival with a lot of fanfare and high spirits. Other festivals include the Chariot procession, the Bhagoriya Festival and the Madai festival which involves the sacrifice of a goat to the Goddess.

Staying in Chhattisgarh
In addition to hotels located in Jagdalpur, you can also stay at Government run Rest Houses during your stay in Bastar, Chhattisgarh.

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