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Study Room Essentials - Ideas for furnishing your kid's Study Room


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Tips for Furnishing & Organising Your Childrens Study Room

Your kids deserve a comfortable and lively study room that enhances their concentration levels and inspires them to spend more time there. A well-lit room with proper ventilation, preferably with a window makes an ideal setting for a kid's study room. If you have taken it upon yourself to furnish or rearrange your kid's study room, these simple yet effective tips will come in handy!

  • Talk to your Child – Being a parent is not easy. It makes us want to do everything that we possibly can to give our children the very best. However, when it comes to furnishing and reorganizing your kid’s study room, you must remember to involve your child in the whole process.

  • Don’t forget that your idea of “the best setting” may not necessarily be what your child likes. Your objective is to make the study room as pleasant and likable as possible. So begin by sitting down with your kids and asking them what they want and don't want in the study room.

Find out their preferences in colours, patterns and prints, etc. These inputs will help you while you go shopping and eventually enable you to furnish the study room to your child's liking. A little bit of planning and organization can save a lot of time and effort.

  • Appropriate Furniture - Invest in a sturdy and good quality study table that will last. In addition, look for a comfortable, cushioned firm chair, preferably an ergonomically correct chair which will provide proper support for your child’s back and neck. Keep in mind your kid’s preference in colours while picking out a charming chair. Depending on the age of your child, select a table and chair that is of the correct size and height. It is a good idea to take your kids along with you when you go furniture shopping. If your child uses a Computer, you can pick out a decent sized computer table that you can also use as a writing desk. Teach your kids the importance of maintaining a good posture while standing as well as sitting. 

  • Wall Colors - The colours of the wall set the mood for any room, and the same applies for a kid’s study room. When choosing wall colours for your child's study room, pick out warm, soothing and lively hues like yellows, oranges, reds, etc that create a happy and cheerful setting. Pleasant surroundings will motivate your child positively.

  • Proper Lighting - Pay extra attention to the lighting in the study room. Good lighting is an absolute must for your child’s study area. In addition to artificial lighting, if the study room gets a fair share of natural light too, then there’s nothing like it!

  • Personalize the room

Your kid's study room should reflect his / her personality. Create a lived-in and familiar atmosphere in the study room - brighten up the room with bright and cheery drapes with unusual patterns and colours.

  • Prized Possessions - If your child has won awards and trophies, make a special place for these items in the room. Laminated certificates and other reminders of success will motivate your children to put their best efforts in whatever they do!

  • Other Accessories - Make a list of all the accessories that your child might need in his / her study room. A desk lamp is a great investment since it offers concentrated lighting over the study space and is ideal for late night studying. Pay attention to the placement of the lamp shade to make sure that the lights do not create a glare. Other desk accessories such as pen/pencil holders, file cabinets, and a medium-sized dustbin are also required.

  • Proper Spacing – Look around the room, reorganize and rearrange the placement of every item in the room such as the furniture, storage racks, book stand, etc. The aim is to create an optimum usage of space while getting rid of any clutter. All the best!

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TIP: Talk to your kids and spend some quality time in understanding what they like and may prefer in their room. Then go ahead and organize your kid's room.


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