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Museums in Madhya Pradesh, India

Let's take a look at some Museums in cities of Madhya Pradesh -

1. Government Archaeological Museum, Bhopal

The Government Archaeological Museum, Bhopal has several sculptures and statues of Buddha, Saraswati, Shiva and Vishnu, etc.


2. Central Museum, Indore

The Central Museum in Indore is home to several ancient coins dating back to modern European Art. In addition, there are inscriptions metalware and collection of Parmar sculptures. At the Central Museum, there are 6 Galleries which includes the Numismatic Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and the Arms Gallery, Antiquity Gallery, Hinglajgarh Art Gallery, Malwa Art Gallery, and the Inscription Gallery.


3. Gujari Mahal Museum, Gwalior


Gujari Mahal Museum, in Gwalior contains some interesting collections of objects from medieval art including coins, sculptures, as well as Bagh paintings. The miniature statue of Salbhanjika from Gyraspur, tree God is the main attraction here.


4. Sarod Ghar, Gwalior

Sarod Ghar is a Sarod Museum housed in the ancestral home of Ustad Amzad Ali Khan under the Haafiz Ali Khan Memorial Trust and is dedicated towards promoting Indian Classical Music, as well as showing the evolution of musical instruments. Several performances and programmes are organised here.


5. Birla Museum, Bhopal

Birla Museum was established in 1971 and is home to several items preserved from Harappan and Mohanjodaro civilization as well as interesting stone sculptures, coins and paintings.


6.Tulsi Archaeological Museum, Satna District, MP

Tulsi Archaeological Museum is located at Ramva in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh and was established in 1977. Articles on display here include copper coins, paper manuscripts, terracotta, etc.


7. Rani Durgawati Museum, Jabalpur

Rani Durgawati Museum was established in 1976 in Bhawartal in Jabalpur.


8. Sanchi Archaeological Museum

The Sanchi Archaeological Museum in Madhya Pradesh is currently under the Archaeological Survey of India. Here there are 4 galleries as well as 9 exhibits which are located in one verandah.

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Note: This listing is meant for informational purposes only. Please confirm the days and dates on which the museums are closed before visiting them. Prior permission may be required to visit some of these museums. The links to these sites may change without prior notice and we are not responsible for any errors in links.






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