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Indian tradition of Arts & Crafts

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A Look at Different Handicrafts & Art Styles of India - Indian Arts & Crafts


India is a land of rich cultural diversty. Each and every state of India is known for it's unique style of arts and crafts which have developed over 100's of years. Specialty skills have developed over a period of time, passed on from one generation to another and shaped to its present form based on historical influences, skill, and raw materials available in those regions.

Handicrafts from all over India are in great demand, especially by those who wish to decorate their homes with handicraft items and why not? Handicrafts from India are traditional, attractive, beautiful, eye catching and display the highest level of detailing and craftsmanship.

Whether we talk about traditional Indian styles of Paintings, traditional Indian Sculpture, Woodwork, Pottery, Metal Work, Cane & Bamboo products or even Saris, tourists and foreigners from all over the world love to shop for ethnic Indian handicraft products.

If you are interested in buying some traditional Indian handicraft items, you must visit the different state Cottage Emporiums along with Dilli Haat, another must-visit for handicrafts in New Delhi. It is important to mention the Crafts Council of India, a non profit organisation that has been working towards promoting and preserving Indian crafts and artisans of India.

Let's take a look at some of India's most sought after & well known arts & crafts -

Indian Sarees & Fabrics
Jewellery Styles of India
Stone Carvings
Indian Paintings
Terracotta Art in India
Cane & Bamboo




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