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Museums in Bihar, India

The state of Bihar in India is well known for its rich cultural heritage and glorious past. The best way to understand what makes Bihar special is to visit its museums.

Let's take a look at some Museums in the different cities of Bihar -

1. Patna Museum, Patna, Bihar

The Patna Museum is one of the most well regarded museums in the whole of Bihar. This museum preserves and displays Bihar's rich cultural heritage, art and history. The Patna Museum was built way back in 1917 and since then, it has been regarded as a landmark. The collection here includes interesting archaeological artifacts, sculptures, figures of Lord Buddha, coins, and several beautiful paintings. One of the most treasured and well known items here is the 3rd century sandstone figure of a yakshi.

Patna Museum,
Buddha Marg, Patna - 800001
Closed on Monday and Public Holidays

2. Archaeological Museum, Nalanda, Bihar

The Nalanda Archaeological Museum is located in the well known Buddhist pilgrimage site of Nalanda and houses several objects which have been excavated here. Spanning across four galleries, this museum has a very rich collection of terracotta items, pillars, bronze and stone sculptures, inscription objects and items that reflect Buddhist, Hindu and Jain schools of thought.

Nalanda Archaeological Museum
Biharsharif, Nalanda Bihar, 801301
Closed on Fridays

3. Archaeological Museum, Bodh Gaya, Bihar


Archaeological Museum in Bodh Gaya dates back to the year 1956 when it was established. Some of the objects on display here include figures of Yakshis, stone sculptures, metal images as well as other precious items.

Archaeological Museum,
Bodh Gaya, Bihar

4. Bhagalpur Museum, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Established in 1976, the Bhagalpur Museum has on display many items which reflect the ideologies of Jain, Hindu and Buddhism religion. Some of the statues preserved here are those of Durga, Vishnu, Ganesh, Gautam Buddha, etc.

Bhagalpur Museum,
Bhagalpur, Bihar
Closed on Mondays

5. Sita Ram Upadhyay Museum, Buxar, Bihar

As it is known today, the Sita Ram Upadhyay Museum was renamed in the year 1993 after late Shri Sita Ram Upadhyaya. This museum was previously known as the Buxar Museum. Here there are several exhibits of terracotta items, stone sculptures, coins and figurines.

Sita Ram Upadhyay Museum, Buxar, Bihar
Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

6. Chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga, Bihar

Chandradhari Museum is located in Darbhanga, Bihar. The 11 well maintained halls in this museum have on display several paintings, statues of Gods and Goddesses, gems, stones, etc. There is a linrary here too.

Chandradhari Museum,
Darbhanga, Bihar

Some of the other museums in Bihar include Biharsharif Museum, Nardah Museum Nawada, Ram Chandra Shahi Museum, Muzaffarpur, etc.

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Note: This listing is meant for informational purposes only. Please confirm the days and dates on which the museums are closed before visiting them. Prior permission may be required to visit some of these museums. The links to these sites may change without prior notice and we are not responsible for any errors in links.






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