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5 Signs That Show Your Freelance Writing Business is Successful


Building and running a successful freelance writing business is no easy feat. It requires true writing Tracking Progress - Successful Writing Businesstalent, efficient time management skills, a high degree of professionalism, discipline, dedication & consistent hard work.

No matter how large or small your setup maybe, analyzing your progress from time to time is imperative as it helps to know whether or not you are on the right track and taking corrective steps.

In addition, such analysis on a regular basis helps in tweaking short term and long term goals, making them more focussed and relevant. It is good practice to maintain progress records on a yearly basis and compare them to see where more effort is required. You may choose to do this using Excel Worksheets or more comprehensive charts.

Here are some common signs that you should watch out for as you study the success of your freelance writing business –



1. Reliable Workload -

Do you have confirmed orders for a given period in the future from reliable clients? Have you marked your calendar with upcoming projects for the next few weeks / months? Do you have assured workload that you can bank on?

Knowledge of consistent future work orders is a sign of a healthy and growing writing business.

2. Regular Repeat Clients -

Getting repeat customers is one of the most powerful signs that should tell you that you’re on the right track. How many of your first time clients have come back to you with new writing projects and have become repeat clients?

Long term freelance writing clients or repeat clients say it all about the dependency of a professional content provider / content writing vendor.

3. Meeting your Short Term and Long Term Goals - Whether your goal is to build new business opportunities, network with prospective clients or fulfil your revenue generation needs, meeting these objectives is another sign of consistent and growing success.

Though freelancers often face uncertainty when it comes to getting new work, to be successful, it is important to earn revenue that meets expenses and leads to profits.



4. Having Good References - Happy and satisfied clients often bring with them new business opportunities in the form of Referrals. How many times have you bagged new writing assignments based on a previous client’s reference?

The simple fact that someone who had hired you once has referred you to their colleagues, friends and acquaintances spells success!

5. Client Testimonials

Last but not least; getting a good review from a client you’ve worked for is another positive sign of being on the right track and things going well. Have all your past clients given you a positive feedback regarding your work? Client Testimonials are reassuring, and efficient when used well.

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If you have been noticing these signs of success, pat yourself on the back and get back to work with renewed confidence!

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