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Essential Pre-Requisites of a Relevant, Effective & Good Client Testimonial


Now that we know the Importance of Effective Client Testimonials and How to Use them Well, let's take a moment to discuss theGood Client Testimonials elements that make for a good client testimonial.

While any and every positive word from your previous clients is beneficial for your website, there are some essential elements that every useful client testimonial should have. Here are some -

1. A good Client Testimonial should (briefly) outline the goals of the project that was successfully completed

When a prospective client reads a recommendation on your website, they are primarily looking for relevancy. They want to know if you have previously handled a project similar to theirs'. Hence, it is important that your past customers, at least briefly describe their project goals and how you helped them reach those objectives.



2. A Good Client Testimonial should mention why YOU

Whether it is the content writing industry, web design or any other form of outsourced business, there is immense competition in every field. Needless to say, there are thousands and thousands of websites on the WWW, all vying for the customer's attention. The very fact that the client chose you over your competitors speaks volumes about your credibility.

Why not mention this reason in the recommendation? A testimonial can become treasured and relevant when the client indicates the reason he/she hired you. There can be several reasons behind this, and some of them may include the following -

  • - your reply to their initial enquiry was quick, to-the-point and impressive
  • - your costs were within their budget
  • - you were recommended by someone else, or
  • - simply because you were willing to deliver the project on an urgent basis, thus meeting their tight deadline.

3. A Good Client Testimonial should describe your Strongest Points

Prospective customers would like to know your strengths and benefits of hiring your services. What can be better for them than reading about how your previous customers benefitted from hiring you?

A relevant recommendation from a past customer is one that discusses some of your most beneficial traits and provides prospective customers enough reasons to hire you.

4. A Good Client Testimonial should provide information about Positive Results

Prospective customers want to know how your services helped a client and to what extent. For a testimonial to be effective, it must share some form of information about positive results from hiring your services.

Did the website (you design) bring in fresh business for your client? Was the newsletter (you wrote) a big hit with subscribers? Did the product descriptions (you write) increase sales?

5. A Good Client Testimonial is genuine

The most important feature of a good testimonial is that it is written in a truthful and sincere manner. When a past client talks about their positive experiences while working with you, their satisfaction reflects on their words. Hence, a good customer testimonial should never be edited. It should come straight from the client and published as is.

How do you make sure your client includes these elements in their testimonial, you might ask?

Though you do not have the liberty of telling the client or customer what you want written in the recommendation, you undoubtedly can provide some guidelines and outline some of the questions and issues that you would like them to cover and address while writing the testimonial. These can touch upon topics such as -

  • turnaround time
  • sensitivity towards special requests and deadlines
  • communication skills
  • fee structure
  • ease with which the project has been handled
  • level of satisfaction, etc.

Follow these steps & voila! You have yourself a valuable, relevant & effective client testimonial to showcase on your website. All the best!

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