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Ways to Get Repeat Clients for Your Content Writing Business


Clients are great; repeat clients are awesome!

Repeat customers or clients are those kind souls who hired you once, liked what your business had to offer and came back to engage your services again.

Repeat clients act as icing on cake; they add tremendous value to any enterprise and play the role of walking-talking publicists, authenticating your tall claims & giving you a reason to have that child-like smile on your face.

While there is no denying that customers or clients are the reason why we do business, repeat clients act as that much awaited bonus, return on investment (ROI) or that little extra that we all crave for. They give us a reason to rejoice; they tell us we’ve done it right.

Consider this: You spend a good two weeks spicing up your marketing plans, promoting your services in social media and spending way over your budget in advertising with one aim in mind - to win new customers and get more work. All of a sudden you check your mail and you see a familiar name – a past client who wants to hire you again! Voila! You’ve just got yourself a new project.

Moral of the story: Getting business from past clients takes considerably less time & fewer efforts as compared to attracting new customers and building clientele from scratch, provided you did it right the first time they hired you and thereafter.

That being said, let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to attract repeat clients for your content writing business –

1. Deliver Quality, Always

A simple Google Search brings up infinite options for content writing services. Each website promises great content and professional services. Amidst so much competition, your writing business stands a chance to flourish only if you deliver good quality content, consistently.

When a customer hires your writing services, she is looking for high quality, unique and well written, relevant content that furthers her marketing & business goals. If you deliver good quality content to the client's specifications, your past clients are bound to remember you and come back to you with more writing projects.

2. Be Consistent – Clients look for dependability and professionalism in their freelance contractors. They want to hire a writer who they can count on at all times and with any project.

Hence, to win repeat clients, you must be consistent in the quality you deliver and professional in the manner in which you run your freelance writing business. If they like what they get the first time, chances are high; they’ll come back to you often.

3. Be Approachable

Prompt and timely communication whether it is via email, phone or face-to-face meeting holds particular importance when it comes to securing new projects, especially when the content order needs to be delivered within a tight deadline. If you are quick in your responses and precise in your approach, you are bound to attract repeat customers.

4. Stay in Touch – Once you have successfully completed a writing project for a client, don’t forget to keep in touch with them as you go forward. Whether it is through a thank you note, a monthly newsletter or blog posts, your aim should be to create a space for yourself in the minds’ of your past clients.

Make every attempt to stay visible & become their first choice the next time they have some writing work. As you go forward, don't forget to keep your past clients updated with your new contact details, newly launched services or links to your new websites/blogs.

Getting work from a repeat client is an excellent way to further your writing business.

It is not just a stress buster; it also acts as a morale booster & instils self-confidence in your company and your services.

If you haven't already, start networking with your previous clients & win the opportunity of working with them again.

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