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Solutions to Problems Freelance Writers Face

While Building Their Writing Business


Nothing in life comes easy. Ask the self-employed, freelance writers and they will tell you about the many problems they face inSolutions to Problems Freelance Writers Face setting up & running a lucrative writing business. That is not to say that being self-employed doesn't offer any benefits because it does.

Flexibility, convenience of working from home, and being one's boss are just some of the perks that writers enjoy.

However, when it comes to making a mark in this field, the important lesson to be learnt is to find viable solutions to common problems that can remove hindrances that come in the way of making significant progress in this highly competitive field of web writing.

Here are some tried & tested solutions to common problems freelance writers face on their journey towards building a successful freelance writing business -

1. Learn to Prioritise & Discipline Yourself

Self-employed writers face much ridicule for their habit of putting off work until a later date or time. In many cases, writers end up losing lucrative work orders due to their inefficiencies & unprofessional behaviour. Snap out of this destructive & counter-productive habit, pronto! Here's how -

  • a) Make a list of things you want to accomplish in a day/week/month.
  • b) Complete all urgent & important tasks first.
  • c) When you start writing, remove all possible distractions (Facebook, Twitter, Television, your phone) that may keep you from completing the task at hand.
  • d) Know what are the short-term as well as long-term goals. Write them down clearly and look at them from time to time.
  • e) Schedule time for important tasks that just have to be done such as administrative or accounts related, routine jobs pertaining to your writing business.
  • f) Keep a check on your tendency to put off work in favour of something more frivolous such as surfing the net. As soon as you start drifting away from the job at hand, remind yourself of how much you want to make this a success and get back to work.

2. Build Repeat Clients for Your Business

If you're unsure where your next writing assignment is going to come from, you're not alone. Maintaining a steady flow of work on a regular basis is every writer's dream. However, this is not always possible owing to the uncertain nature of web writing. Here's what you can do to tackle this problem -

  • a) Deliver high-quality content, always.
  • b) Be consistent in your approach and efforts towards finding new work.
  • c) Stay in touch with your past clients.
  • d) Ask your past clients for other references.
  • e) Always update your customers / previous clients about any new services that you introduce.
  • f) Send newsletters to your past clients and inform them about any new offers or discounts that you're offering.
  • d) Network with other writers.
  • e) Participate in forums, other writers' blogs and websites that provide writing opportunities.
3. Overcome Writer’s Block & Find Ways to Stay Motivated

Low points in your career may take you down and limit your creativity. Writer's block may hold you back from delivering high-quality work that you owe to your clients. Fight writer's block using some of these techniques -

  • a) Often read.
  • b) Write something daily.
  • c) Motivate yourself to complete all the tasks on your to-do list.
  • d) After completing all your tasks, pat yourself on the back and indulge in your favourite hobby.
  • e) When faced with writer's block, take a break and rejuvenate yourself by listening to music, going for a walk, or looking through your past work. Reading Client Testimonials also provides much-needed motivation.
4. Organise Your Time Effectively

A work-from-home setup tends to merge home and work life. Writers who operate their writing business from home must learn ways to organise their time effectively so that their work life and home life do not suffer. The aim is to find a balance between both so that the writer can enhance his/her productivity at work while leading a happy and healthy life with the family.

  • a) Maintain a list of tasks that you need to complete both at home and work.
  • b) Organise your time in such a way that you can complete all your responsibilities.
  • c) While at work, remove all distractions and make sure your family knows it is your me-time for undisturbed work.
  • d) Depending on your home situation, create a timetable for your entire day. If you have more quiet time in the mornings, start your day early so that you can complete your most important work first.

5. Become Professional in your Approach - If you want to be taken seriously, make sure your freelancing terms and conditions are in place.

  • a) Speak to your accountant to clarify your stand on taxes.
  • b) Write down clearly your payment terms, advance payment requirements, etc.
  • c) Structure your terms regarding billing, rework and delivery timeframe.
  • d) Have a realistic and competitive rate card in place for all your writing services so that you do not waste time in sending your quote to a prospective client.

Once you start practicing efficient work habits, you will find it easier to establish yourself in your writing business.

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