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Top 5 Roadblocks Freelance Writers Experience

in their Journey Towards Building a Successful Writing Business


Building a successful writing business is every freelance writer’s dream. If handled well, freelance writing can be a highly rewarding and lucrative career choice. However, like most other professions, achieving success in your writing business requires much hard work, dedication & the grit to face & overcome roadblocks or problems that may come your way. Knowing these issues, finding their solutions & having a positive approach to it all is half the battle won.

Here are some of the biggest problems (& their solutions) freelance writers might face in their quest to establish themselves in the fiercely competitive arena of web writing –

To-Do List - Don't Procrastinate


1. Tendency to Procrastinate

During the course of their independent careers, self-employed writers often face the tendency to procrastinate or put off work for a later date or time mainly due to the absence of a boss or authority figure keeping an eye on them and watching their every move.

Being their bosses, writers slowly fall prey to the dangerous habit of procrastination that poses a serious threat to their hopes & dreams of building & running a successful writing business.

Once the tendency to procrastinate sets in, writers mar their credibility and professionalism by missing delivery dates & deadlines.

2. Maintaining a Steady Flow of Work Orders – Freelance writing brings with it a high degree of uncertainty. Self-employed writers don’t always know from where their next paycheck will come.

Except for well established, experienced writers who have marketed and promoted themselves well & get assured orders from repeat clients, upcoming and relatively new writers find it difficult to maintain a regular flow of work. Such uncertainties make writers anxious & unsure about long term goals.

3. Lack of Motivation / Writer’s Block

Many writers find it difficult to keep themselves motivated as they try to establish their writing careers. Paying jobs may be slow in coming and during such weak points in their career, writers have to self-rely to stay motivated, positive & goal oriented. Add to this, the condition of writer's block that comes in the way of their productivity. Things start getting out of hand when the tendency to procrastinate sets in leading to unnecessary delays, low self-confidence and dissatisfied clients.

4. Inability to Maintain Healthy Work - Life Balance - The desire to operate a successful writing business from home has its benefits, but it can also pose some serious problems if not handled correctly. Work-from-home writers usually complain about numerous distractions they face at home that make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand and get things done on time. Add to this their inability to demarcate their work life from their personal / home life. In the absence of structure and discipline, a writer's work and personal life, both may suffer.

5. Difficulty in Setting Rates for Writing - A large number of writers find it difficult to come up with a realistic & competitive rate card for their writing services. Even after spending a good number of years in the writing business, writers are unable to confidently quote prices to a prospective new client. Add to this unclear work terms and clauses of the agreement.

Since each writing project is different and may require a separate body of work, one size doesn’t fit all, so to speak. Unsure of their requirements, writers, lose out on bagging real projects due to their inability to make a good sales pitch.

Are you facing similar roadblocks that hamper your success in building a successful writing career?

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