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Museums Today - Career Opportunities with Museums, Departments

Museums today are big business across the globe. In sharp contrast to the dull stereotypical conception of museums being places housing either ancient artifacts or contemporary art, 21st century museums cover every topic one can fathom! Though museums are not for profit, they certainly have a great impact on our lives and provide excellent learning opportunities for children.

Just a few weeks back, I took my daughter to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. I was amazed at the crowds the museum drew and how much my daughter enjoyed the experience. The special exhibition featuring Dora the Explorer was totally interactive for kids to have a “hands on” experience and the exhibits were educational and informative besides being great fun for the kids.

Museums in India


In India, history and science museums predominate. The National Museum, New Delhi has one of the most comprehensive collections on the Indus Valley Civilization along with amazing collections on arms and armour, ancient coins, as well as textiles, wood carving and ancient manuscripts. In an effort to broaden the scope of museums in India, new museums have emerged specializing in stamps (Philatelic Museum) or focusing on everyday common man’s art using terracotta and textiles (Sanskriti Museum).

Museums around the World

Museums around the world especially in Europe and US, draw millions of people daily and are tourist hot spots. Museums in America cover a wide range of topics such as Modern Art, Ancient History, Children’s Museums, Wax museum, Natural History and even a Museum of Television and Radio.

Career Choices with Museums

It is possible to pursue a serious career in the museum world. Most museums have the following departments:


• Curatorial - This department is essentially responsible for conducting all research in order to set up exhibitions at the museum. The Curator and his team are responsible for designing and setting up the exhibitions and also coming up with all the literature within the gallery.

• Membership – Members of a museum receive unlimited access and other benefits for the museum. The membership department handles all member queries and membership processing and soliciting members for additional donations.

• Development – This department focuses on raising money for the museum’s expansion as well as upkeep through fundraising.

• Special Events – The Special Events staff is responsible for holding small member events as well as large scale fundraising events for top donors.

• Publications – This department handles all museum publications and catalogues for all exhibitions

• Marketing - The marketing department analyses museum trends and comes up with ways to best market the museum to draw more crowds

People from diverse backgrounds and literally no related experience often end up working at museums purely out of interest.

For those of you who would like to pursue a career in museums, it is best to take up special courses in art or museum studies. It is also helpful to take on internships at a museum or art gallery as it counts as work experience and can serve as a valuable learning experience for you.

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