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Career Opportunities in Wildlife Photography : Job of a Wildlife Photographer (Animal Photographer)

Gone are the days when photography was considered to be just a hobby. Today, there is no dearth of lucrative job opportunities for professional photographers, especially those in the field of Wildlife Photography (other options include Still Photography, Landscape Photography, Advertising Photography & Fashion Photography).

If you have a liking for animals, are passionate about taking pictures and are reasonably good at it too, you can consider building your career in Wildlife Photography. As a wildlife photographer, you have the chance to travel quite a bit and discover the most enchanting outdoors in addition to getting loads of creative satisfaction that you probably crave for.

 Job Profile, Role & Skills of a Wildlife Photographer  


  • As the title suggests, a wildlife photographer is responsible for capturing pictures of the wild using his / her camera.
  • Depending on the nature of the requirement, wildlife photographers should be willing to travel to various outdoor locations.
  • To become successful in this field, wildlife photographers must have a strong understanding and knowledge of photography and lighting, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in photography and a strong passion for this career helps.
  • Those people who are interested in this profession should have a liking for animals and must possess plenty of patience so that they can spend all the time that is needed in clicking a winning picture even if it involves waiting for hours at a stretch for that perfect pose or look from a lion, peacock or any other animal.
  • Those desiring to make a career in animal photography may seek employment with nature magazines, travel and tourism magazines as well as nature book publishers. Other options include joining a wildlife channel.
 Career Opportunities : Training to be a Wildlife Photographer  
In order to become a professional wildlife photographer, freelance or otherwise, formal training in photography should be acquired to have a strong understanding of the art. However, many individuals with the right attitude, drive and talent have become successful in this field without acquiring any formal training.

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