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Voice & Accent Training Careers - Job Responsibilities of an Accent Trainer


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Voice & Accent Trainers - Career in Accent Training with Call Centers & BPO's

Voice and Accent Training is gaining prominence the world over. With more and more offshore businesses being setup in countries such as India, China etc, there is an inherent requirement for voice and accent training of employees so that they can work at par with their International counterparts.

 Voice & Accent Training as a Career Option:  

Accent Training is considered to be a very lucrative career option today, especially with the influx of BPO's, call centers and international businesses. Proper voice and accent training ensures that employees can communicate with International clients effectively, in the language and accent that they understand best and are most used to.

Perhaps the most important role of a Voice and Accent trainer is to help individuals to learn proper pronunciation, voice modulation, listening and speaking skills.

 Responsibilities & Qualities of a Voice & Accent Trainer:  
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A strong hold of the language (English) and good knowledge of grammar, pronunciation, spellings and vocabulary.
  • Ability to speak clearly and fluently.
  • Effective training skills - the ability to teach and train other individuals.
  • A good understanding and knowledge of the right accents.
  • Ability to hold the interest and attention of those seeking training.
  • Self confidence coupled with the ability to infuse confidence in others.
 Who can be a Voice & Accent Trainer?  
  • Almost anyone can become a successful voice and accent trainer if they have the right amount of interest and dedication to prove themselves.
  • Youngsters, adults and even housewives can train to become successful trainers.

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