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Careers in Tourism : Job Profile & Opportunities for Tour Guides (Tourist Guides)

The unprecedented growth and development of the travel & tourism industry in India & abroad has been responsible for creating a number of lucrative career opportunities today. One such interesting career choice is that of a tourist guide, also referred to a tour guide.

 Job Profile, Role & Duties of a Tour Guide / Tourist Guide  


As the name suggests, a tourist guide is a person who takes on the responsibility of guiding and helping tourists as they discover a tourist destination - a monument, a city, state or even a country.

This is an ideal job for those who enjoy travelling, discovering new places and have the knack for sharing the history & culture of tourist destinations with other people.

If you are a proud resident of your city with a strong knowledge of its history and tourist attractions & also have a penchant for guiding people, a career as a tourist guide may be just right for you.

 Qualities & Qualifications - Must Have's to become a Successful Tourist Guide:  
  • Since tourist guides are primarily involved in guiding other tourists in discovering different places and tourist attractions in a city, state or country, they must be well travelled themselves.
  • Tour guides should be well informed and possess in-depth knowledge about a city's history, architectural influences, culture, art etc.
  • Knowledge of different languages is definitely a plus!
  • They must be well read and have extensive knowledge of the areas that they are promoting. This should help them to guide travellers and tourists in their thirst for discovering a destination in complete detail including the must sees - tourist destinations, famous monuments & buildings, markets, religious places etc.

Other personality traits & qualities that can come in handy when you pursue a career in tourism, especially as a tour guide include good communication skills, ability to help / guide people, a passion for travelling as well as strong leadership qualities.

 Career Opportunities : Training to be a Tour Guide  
  • Employment as a tourist guide can be found with government organisations as well as private firms, tour operators and travel agencies. Freelance opportunities also exist in this field.
  • If you are interested in becoming a tour guide, you can also seek relevant training with travel and tourism training institutes in the Government and private sectors.

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