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E-Tutoring as a Career Choice - Work Opportunities, Scope & Job Duties of an E Tutor


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Career In E-Tutoring - Job Profile Of E Tutors

The concept of E-Tutoring is gaining prominence in India and largely involves an Indian E Tutor who offers tuitions to students spread across the globe (especially in US and UK) using the internet, thus referred to as E-tuitions. Providing online lessons is the in-thing today and makes the job of the e-tutor very important. Besides providing flexibility, the job also offers a steady income.

 Essentials of E-Tutoring - How To Make a Career as an E-Tutor a Success:  

To be a successful e-tutor, you must 

  • Be proficient in the subject you wish to teach.

  • Have access to a personal computer with broadband internet access, a microphone and speakers.

  • Be willing to work according to the different time zones depending on the country in which your pupil is based.

  • Be interested in becoming an active part of the teaching and education industry.

  • Have good communication skills and proficiency in written and spoken English.

  • Be willing to get trained and learn the teaching techniques using the online mode.

  • Have some teaching experience.

 Scope of E-Tutoring as a Career Option:  

There are plenty of online tutoring websites who look for individuals interested in making a career out of online teaching and tutoring.


If you are a master in the subject you would like to teach, you can take on the job of offering online tuitions to not just School and College students, but entrepreneurs and professionals as well in various fields. The higher your efficiency and experience in teaching a particular subject, the better are your opportunities for growth.

A fixed income can be earned per month or even per hour, depending on what you teach, who you teach and which Company hires you.
 Benefits of Becoming an E-Tutor:  
  • A career as an E Tutor provides tremendous flexibility in terms offering ease of working from home.
  • Experience in the field and good performance opens up doors for promotions.
  • Hours spent on the job are well spaced out and lesser than a regular, full time job.

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