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Dancing Careers - Dance Choreographer Profile & Job

The entertainment industry today is one of the most popular and fast growing. There is no dearth of opportunities in the field of dance and the profile of a Dance Choreographer is perhaps the most dynamic. Individuals who love to dance, are creative, flexible & trained in different dance forms, experienced in the field of dancing and inclined towards guiding & training others usually opt for a career as a dance choreographer. However, it usually takes many years of experience as a dancer to finally become a professional choreographer and take on its challenging role.

  Career / Job Profile of Choreographers:  


Choreographers are those talented, trained & experienced dancers who take on the task of designing, arranging and coordinating different dance sequences based on a song, drama and the likes. Choreographers may be in charge of just a solo dance, a couple dance or a large dance sequence with a huge team of dancers. They are the actual face behind the entire act. Whatever the theme may be, it is the job of the choreographer to come up with interesting and apt dance moves. Next,  the choreographer must take auditions and select the most talented team of dancers who will then present the entire act in front of the audiences - either on stage / theatre, in concert halls, outdoor events, in movies & music videos.

  Skills Needed for Becoming a Successful Choreographer:  

  • Strong dancing skills & strong sense of esthetics, mood, rhythm and beats.
  • Relevant training and knowledge of different dance forms such as Indian classical, bollywood, jazz, salsa, ballet, free style, hip hop, etc.
  • Knowledge of music, drama, theatre, and other art forms helps.
  • Stage presence and creativity, patience, commitment and goal oriented.
  • Ability to lead and train a group of dancers and work effectively in a team.
  • Excellent Stamina and loads of energy / enthusiasm.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Well informed about the latest trends in the dance industry.
  • Ability to think out-of-the-box & learn new dance styles quickly.
 Career Opportunities for Choreographers  
  • Choreographers can find employment with production houses (film / music video), theatre groups, dance schools, musicals, street performances to raise awareness on social issues, film / music video productions, and more.

  • Upcoming choreographers can also join as assistants to professional and established choreographers.

  • After gaining the right exposure and experience, choreographers can setup their own dance companies and offer training to students and those individuals who are interested in learning dance.

  • A number of TV Channels today run dance shows for kids and adults. This opens up employment opportunities for choreographers as well.

Some Training Institutes:

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society
Dance USA
India Choreographers
National Dance Association

Institute Showcase - Are you an Institute / School Offering Training in different dance forms? List Your Institute Here

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