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Uncommon & Creative Careers in Story Writing for Kids - Children's Story Writer

Healthy reading habits play an important role in developing a child's mind. This is why it is important to make sure that interesting, attention grabbing and informative reading materials are available to kids from a young age. This makes the job of a children's story writer quite demanding yet equally satisfying. Well written stories have an amazing power to enhance the thinking power of children in addition to improving their vocabulary, developing their reading habits and contributing in their overall development and growth.  

 Creative & Upcoming Careers in Story Writing:  


Today, there are no dearth of opportunities for story writers, especially those who can write stories for children. From fantasy and adventure stories to moral based, inspirational, motivational and folktale stories, children stories are in great demand in print as well as online (websites & portals). The main role & responsibility of a story writer is to pen down meaningful stories which can teach, educate and inform kids.

First and foremost, the kids story writer must determine the age group of kids he/she is writing for. Next, the theme must be kept in mind to give the actual shape to the story - adventure, fun, moral based, educational, fantasy etc. 

Those interested in making a career as a Childrens Story Writer should possess the necessary / desirable skills:

Degree in English, strong writing skills, understand the temperament of kids, ability to transform ideas & thoughts into right words based on the age group of kids they are writing for, genuinely interested in writing for kids and making a career in this field, strong creativity.

  • Those genuinely interested in becoming childrens story writers can choose to work from home and freelance in this field or work on their own book.
  • Magazines for kids as well as websites dedicated to kids may hire story writers.

Here are some: Tips on How to Write Stories for Kids : Children's Story Writing Help

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