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Who is a Celebrity Manager?

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Careers in PR & Management - Job Profile of a Celebrity Manager or Agent

Celebrities such as professional singers, dancers, artists, athletes, performers, actors and actresses are busy people. They have a large number of professional commitments, responsibilities, meetings and events to attend to, on a daily basis.

In order to meet all their responsibilities and and take care of their busy schedule, they need the help, support, assistance and professional services of a celebrity manager.

 Job Profile of Celebrity Managers  


A celebrity manager's primary duty is to -

  • Take care of their client's day to day schdeules.
  • Coordinate with the media and fix dates for interviews and other PR activities.
  • Fix meetings and block dates for shooting, events and interviews.
  • Keep a look out for new career opportunities that will broaden their professional lives.
  • Handle their client's finances.
  • Organise tickets and travelling schedules.
  • Assist them in achieving their short term and long term career goals.
  • Perform image building exercises for their clients.
  Skills Needed to Become a Successful Celebrity Manager  

  • Strong management and PR skills.
  • High degree of maturity, commitment and patience.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Ability to solve problems and work around delays.
  • Strong decision making skills and social.
  • Good sense and understanding of business
  • Ability to liaise with prospective clients.
  • Keep themselves available 24x7
 Career Opportunities for Artist / Celebrity Managers  
  • As as celebrity manager, you can work with celebrity management firms.

  • Work as an assitant with another well established artist or celebrity manager.

  • Work with PR firms to gain experience in the world of publicity and Public relations..

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