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Careers in Animation Industry : Profile & Role of an Animator

The world of animation is truly amazing as it breathes life into almost anything and builds a story around it. The Animation industry is growing by leaps and bounds in India and Internationally as well. Animation is used in almost every industry today, right from medicine and pharma to automobile and aerospace. It is little wonder then that the animation industry is creating a large number of employment opportunities for creative & talented animators in almost every part of the world.

 Creative & Competitive Careers : Job Profile of an Animator  

The primary job of an animator is to create animated characters or cartoons based on creative concepts and ideas. Most animated characters are capable of communicating, entertaining, educating and even making people laugh.

The animator begins by understanding the basic concept and idea behind the entire project. By interacting with the creative team and being a part of the brainstorming session, the animator understands the scope of the project. Next, it is his / her job to bring an idea to life through hand sketches, drawings, computer softwares, and the likes. Today, animators are hired to create animated movies & films, ad campaigns and advertisements, cartoon films etc.

 Qualities & Skills Necessary for becoming a successful Animator:  
  • Creative vision and foresight.

  • Good drawing, sketching and illustration skills.

  • Ability to pick up new skills and techniques, including learing sophisticated softwares and their use.

  • Good communication skills and ability to function in a group.

  • Excellent knowledge of design and art.

  • Strong dedication and drive to learn, improve and grow in this field.

 Training to be an Animator  
If you are confident about your drawing skills, proactive enough to design your own characters and dedicated to becoming a succesful and professional animator, you must consider a career in animation. This is one of the most upbeat and competitive industries to be in. It is ideal to gain some relevant training in this field such as a post graduation degree so that you can make your basics very strong.

Here are some institutes offering training in animation -

  • UTV Toons
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Mumbai
  • Anitoons, the School of Animation, New Delhi
  • Race Academy, Hyderabad
  • ZICA, Mumbai
  • ToonSkool Advanced Animation Academy, Bangalore

Institute Showcase - Are you an Institute Offering Training in Animation? Are you an Animation Company? List Your Institute / Co Here


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