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How to Write a Children's Story? Simple Kids Story Writing Tips

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Tips on How to Write Stories for Kids : Children's Story Writing Help  

Writing stories for children is one of the most enriching experiences a writer can have. In order to strike a chord with kids, children stories should be written using the right choice of words. These words must be woven together in a special way so that the stories appeal to the sensibilities of little readers. Undoubtedly, the job of a Children's Story Writer is quite intriguing. Unlike writing for grown-ups, story writing for kids involves much more deliberation & investment of oneself before, during and after the story is complete.

Here are a few simple tips that should be kept in mind before & while writing a Childrens Story -

 1. Age Group - Know your Readers


First and foremost, you must know the target age group of kids you are writing for. A style of writing or a story that is liked by a 5 year old may not appeal to a 12 year old. Hence, understand your target readers and develop your story accordingly. In fact, this stands true for all kinds of writing.)

 2. Language Usage - Writing Effectively

The language you use, your choice of words and sentence formation must suit your target age-group. Using very difficult words in stories meant for a 3-5 year old is not recommended as the child will not be able to understand the story. Hence, to write effectively and to communicate your story's plot, you must use short sentences and write specifically for your reader in the language they understand best.

3. Title - Naming your story
Use your creativity to come up with a story title that's interesting, engaging and exciting.
 4. Off to a Great Start - Begin Your Story Well
As you start penning down your story, try to come up with a strong beginning. If you want your readers to go on reading your story right till the end, you must give your story a strong beginning. This is because, whether or not your story will be read till the end is largely dependent on how attention-grabbing and interesting the beginning of your story is.
 5. Dialogue - Power of Communication & Interaction
Stories without dialogues tend to become boring. Hence, it is a good idea to introduce some dialogues between the characters in the story as it will make the story interesting and it will also teache children how to communicate and express themselves. In addition, the dailogues should not be too long so that your story can keep your wondering little readers, captivated.
6. Imagination, Fantasy & Element of Wonder - Expand Their Horizons
Kids have superb imaginative powers. Give them lots to think about - write stories that will expand their horizons and encourage them to think creatively. Introduce the right amount of wonderment in your story to cater to your little readers - sprinkle a bit of fantasy into your writing and see the difference!
7. Inspiration - Courage, Good & Bad
Depending on the theme and plot of your story, you can enable your young readers to draw inspiration from your stories by introducing simple and valuable facts of life, good morals and character traits. Kids learn a lot from what they read. Hence, help them to gain from their reading experience by introducing strong characters who portray their courage and learn to understand the good from the bad. Just make sure that this character is a child so that kids can relate to him/her.
 8. Drama  
A pinch of drama gives your readers that much needed icing on the cake. Do make sure that it does not change into melo-drama.
9. TLC  
This is the most important factor that should be kept in mind when writing for kids and children. Remember that these innocent-minded kids need tender loving care even in the stories they read. So write accordingly.
Above all, make sure to write nurturing stories that have the capability to give a strong foundation to young impressionable minds.





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