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Common Spelling Mistakes, Grammatical Errors

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Common Spelling Mistakes & Grammatical Errors

When writing for the web, most of us make some common spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that make us look bad. Incorrect word usage can be equally damaging.

Here is a list of words that are commonly misspelled and wrongly used on the internet. Let's try to learn from our mistakes and erase errors from the WWW.

Incorrect Spellings & Usage

Correct Spellings & Usage

Greatful Grateful
Thankfull Thankful
Definately Definitely
Wierd Weird
Seperate Separate
Grammer Grammar
Calender Calendar
Pasttime Pastime
Lose Loose
Liesure Leisure
Ignorence Ignorance
Looser Loser
Their - indicates possession There - place or idea
Grown - grow up in size Groan - to groan in pain or despair
Weather - pertaining to the climate Whether - if, or (doubt or choice)
Advice - recommendation or opinion Advise - the act of giving advice
Your You're - You are
Its - indicates possession It's - It is







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