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What is Manipuri Dance?


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Beauty of Manipuri Dance - Indian Classical Dance from Manipur, India

Beautiful & Graceful Dance Form

What is Manipuri?
Manipuri is a beautiful and well known dance style of India which originates in the north-east state of Manipur. The beauty of this dance form is the manner in which it draws from the lifestyle and culture of the people of Manipur.

Origin of Manipuri Dance It is believed that the Manipuri dance took its present form from the "Lai Haroba" dance which came before it. Even though the Lai Haroba is still a big part of the tradition in Manipur, the Manipuri Dance form has gained tremendous importance and is also one of the most well known dances of India. In the real sense, the term Manipuri dance is a term which is used to encompass all the different dance styles which are native to Manipur.

Manipur Dance Theme & Technique The signature style of the Manipuri dance lies in its circular movements. It is performed as a solo as well as a group dance. The main theme of this dance is Lord Krishna's Raas Leela which represents Lord Krishna's dance with his gopis.


The Manipuri dancers are known for their graceful and delicate steps. Soft, light music further adds to the beauty and creates an ambience of happiness and tranquility. Manipuri dance is a beautiful mix of drama or abhinaya, soft dance steps and a charm that is truly poetic in nature.

Manipuri Dance Costumes Manipuri dancers wear very beautiful and colorful costumes, especially the women. The men wear white colored dhotis and the angavastra while the women wear eye catching costumes which consists of a long, straight or cylindrical shaped skirt, blouse and a translucent veil or head cover.

The use of golden zari borders is another signature element that contributes to the beauty of this dance costume.

Music & Melody Manipuri dance performances get their true flavour with accompanying musical instruments such as the Flute, Manjira, Gong, Dholak, etc.

Famous Manipuri Dancers

Some of the well known masters of Manipuri Dance include
Manipuri Performance
  • Sohini Ray
  • Bibhaboti Devi
  • Guru Bipin Singha
  • Kalabati Devi
  • Preeti Patel
  • Guru Bipin Singha

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