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How to Successfully Handle a Freelance Writing Project


Online Content Writing is one of the most sought after writing services available today. And if you've decided to turn your passion for writing into a full-fledged career option, here are some tips that will help you to handle a writing project successfully -  

Be Professional

Before taking the plunge into freelance writing, make sure that you are clear about the terms and conditions around which you will base your work including payment terms, mode of payment, timeframe for project completion and delivery, etc.

The manner in which you reply to prospective client's queries says a lot about you / your Company. Hence, make sure to demonstrate a professional approach towards your work right from the time you send your first reply and price quote.

Samples of Work

If you are still in the early stages of building your freelance writing career, your aim should be to gain as much writing exposure as possible. The projects you have successfully completed will act as writing samples and will assist you in bagging prospective projects in the future.

However, in case you have signed a confidentiality agreement with a client, do not disclose details of such a project to prospective customers.

Remember: The key to being professional is to respect and abide by the terms you agree to before, during and after the completion of the project.

Ask Relevant Questions Oftentimes, a prospective client will give you very little information about the project and what he / she needs from you. In such a scenario, it is your job to ask relevant questions that will help to understand the scope of work involved. Prepare a list of queries and request the client to provide you with answers to the same.

Remember: It is up to you to give the most suitable direction to the project so that it is handled successfully and to the satisfaction of the client.

Check for Errors Make proofreading a habit so that you can avoid typos and grammatical mistakes in your written communications. Before you click on SEND, make sure to read through your email replies and correct any errors. Do the same before you email a draft of the writing job.

Respect Timelines Whatever you do, don't forget to keep your word especially when it comes to promised delivery dates. When a client asks you when you can deliver the finished content, take some time to think through and then give a date. Don't be in a rush to bag the project and say tomorrow when you know that you need at least five days to complete the project.

However, if you do say tomorrow, then make sure to deliver by tomorrow and keep your word.

Be Confident and give your 100% Remember that everyone begins somewhere. Take each project as a learning experience and even if you do not succeed in your first project, work towards improving your skills. Your efforts are sure to pay off in the long run.

Contributing Author:  Akanksha is a freelance content writer [email protected]

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