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How to Build a Career in Freelancing?


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Questions to Consider Before Beginning a Freelance Career - Is Freelancing For You?

If you are one of those people who long for independence and control, a freelance career may be a perfect choice.

First things first, what is freelance? Simply put, a person is said to freelance when he/she is self-employed and earns a living by working for different companies and clients who hire them on an assignment basis. Unlike full-time employees, a freelance worker is not on a regular payroll of any company. Rather, they work on a contractual basis for assignments that are time bound.

Needless to say, freelancing offers the opportunity to become your boss, set your standards and become answerable to yourself. Does it sound tempting? Sure, it does! After all, who doesn't like to have complete and total control over what they do and how they do it?

Over the years, a large number of working professionals are opting to offer their professional services as a freelance contractor rather than a full-time employee as it offers much more flexibility and independence - not to forget, tremendous variety and a high degree of confidence. Perhaps the commonest form of freelance work popular today is freelance writing under which Freelance Web Content Writers work in an SOHO setup & offer their Content Writing expertise to businesses all over the world.

Though working as a freelance contractor sounds excellent, there are some points that you must consider in order to judge your suitability for this role.


#1: What do you want to do as a Freelancer?
List down your core competencies

Ask any aspiring freelancer what they wish to do as a freelance professional, and you will be surprised to know that they don't have a precise answer. The first and foremost thing to do is to analyze your core competencies and decide what it is you can do as a freelance contractor.

Do not get swept away by what you might have heard from others. Make a well-informed decision after thinking over questions such as - Can I build a suitable client base through which I can sustain myself when I am on my own into freelancing? Can I find people who will require my specific services?

#2: What is your purpose behind Freelancing?
Why do you want to freelance?

Do you wish to earn some extra income in your free time on a part time basis (in addition to your present, full time job?) or do you wish to build a full-fledged career as a Freelance Consultant or service provider? 

Try to answer these simple yet important questions before taking steps towards launching your freelance career. Only when you know how much time you will be devoting to this new found career, can you make substantial plans for taking it further. 

#3: What is the scope of the Industry you operate in?
How is the market for freelancers in your specific Industry?

Not every industry offers numerous freelance opportunities. The trick is to do a little research at your end to analyse your job industry. For, e.g., the Content Writing industry is opening up a lot of possibilities for aspiring as well as experienced web writers. Similarly, the recruitment Industry too, provides career choices to Placement Consultants, etc. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that every individual in the industry should and will freelance! Your aim should be to pinpoint your own, unique talent and outline how you can differentiate yourself from your prospective competitors.

#4: Can you sustain yourself in freelancing?
Highs and lows are a part of a career as a freelancer.

The biggest challenge for a freelancer is to find assured work and ongoing projects all year long. Freelancing as a career option is unpredictable and unsure unless you have had years of experience - probably the reason most prospective freelancers prefer to begin freelancing while still in full time, assured jobs. Doing so may be a wise decision as it helps you to test the waters before quitting your present job.

No one can deny that a career as a freelancer can be highly beneficial and satisfying. However, it is crucial for every aspiring freelancer to think things through, analyse, plan and only then make an informed decision. It never hurts to understand what you are getting into so that you can make an objective & wise decision.

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