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5 Mistakes Every Freelance Writer Should Avoid


With every passing day, the freelance writing industry is becoming fiercely competitive. From experienced writers to those just stepping into the industry, there are many takers of freelance writing opportunities such as article writing, website content writing, copywriting, blog post writing, etc. Hence, if you want to do some good body of work and become successful in this industry, you must avoid making any mistakes that can jeopardise your chances of achieving success, as you pursue your freelancing career.

If you are a freelance writer, read on to find out some common mistakes that you should avoid –


1. Being Unprofessional

Professionalism is the first thing that clients look for when hiring freelance writing contractors. The way you communicate through email, phone or face to face meetings speaks volumes about how professional you are and whether or not people should hire you.

Being rude, sarcastic, and disinterested is a strict no-no.

Moreover, you should stay away from procrastination if you want to portray yourself as a dependable writing vendor.

When you take on a writing job, have a professional approach. If you are busy or preoccupied for any reason, don’t take on work at that time.

2. Missing Submission Dates & Deadlines

Punctuality and self-discipline are pre-requisites for a successful freelance career. Before accepting a freelance writing project, consider how much time you will need to deliver the finished content and mention it to the client. Once you do commit, make sure to keep your word. Missing delivery time frames and deadlines is a complete NO-NO. If you miss a deadline, this can very well spell the end of your writing career with that client. Hence, be punctual and respect deadlines.

3. Failure to have a Contract / Well Defined Terms of Service

Your professionalism is evident from whether or not you have well-defined terms of service and policies. When you communicate with your clients and submit your proposal, you must mention all your policies regarding delivery, pricing, advance payment, changes and alterations, as well as rework, etc. If you do not have well-defined terms and conditions, you are susceptible to being cheated and duped. Add to this the risk of not being taken seriously by your clients.



4. Taking on Work You Know You Can’t Deliver

Particularly in the case of new entrants, writers tend to take on projects that they know they won’t be able to do justice to. For, e.g., being a creative writer, if you take on a technical writing job, fit for a technical writer, you will end up displeasing the client and wasting precious work time. Avoid unhappy customers. Understand your capabilities and deliver good quality content.

5. Delivering Sub Standard Documents

Last but not the least; writers should deliver nothing but their very best work to each and every client. Every finished document should be of the highest quality in terms of relevance and readability. Never take work for granted. Give it the respect and dedication it deserves, and you are sure to get repeat clients.

In a nutshell, avoid doing the following if you want to be successful as a freelance writer -

• Deliver a document without proofreading it.
• Deliver a document that contains spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.
• Write content without carrying out relevant research.
• Copy content from other sources.
• Write content lacking structure and flow.
• Not including titles, headlines, and apt keywords, especially when writing search engine optimized content.

It is easy to make mistakes as you begin your career. However, as you progress, it is important to learn from your mistakes and keep in mind what you should not do to make a success of your freelance writing career. All the best!

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