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Uncommon Career Option : Role & Profile of News Reader / News Anchor - Journalism Jobs

News readers are those dynamic individuals who you watch and listen to everyday on television. They are the ones who present the latest news items on various television channels. Reading out the news may seem like a simple task. However, in reality, it requires quite a bit of ingenuity and dynamism on the part of the news presenter.

 Job Profile, Role & Skills : News Reader / News Anchor  


  • News Readers / News Presenters are responsible for presenting (reading out) the news script.
  • They may be responsible for the morning news, afternoon news, evening news, or special news bulletins.
  • News Readers are required to read out the news clearly and sometimes, they may be required to improvise as well.
  • In addition to presenting news, they may have to interview different people - celebrities, the common man, etc.
 Career Opportunities & Training to become a News Presenter  

  • News readers should have a pleasing personality, a clear voice and loads of confidence. A degree in journalism is ideal.
  • In addition, they must also have strong people skills.
  • News Readers may be hired by television / news channels and news shows.
  • Experience and expertise counts.
  • Various Institutes offer training courses in Journalism.
  • Degree in English, History, or Political Science is also favoured.
  • Some institutes offering courses in Journalism include
  • YMCA, New Delhi
  • Janakidevi Mahavidyalaya (Delhi University)
  • CRAFT - Center for Research in Art of Film & Television, Delhi

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