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Making a Career as Music Band

The Entertainment and Media industry in India is at its peak and growing by leaps and bounds. Since music is a big part of these industries and plays an important role, this opens up a multitude of career and job opportunities for all those who are talented and musically inclined.

One of the most common and highly popular musical career options is to form your own music band. Though a lot of youngsters opt to join their school or college music band, taking it up seriously as a career requires a lot of dedication. This is probably the reason why in India, only a few music bands have been able to create a niche for themselves such as Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Advaita, & Them Clones. But the fact that the numbers are steadily rising, confirms that more and more people are now willing to excel in unconventional careers.

 Career Scope & Job Opportunities For Music Bands:  

While some music bands play music part time along with their day time jobs, there are those who have made this their full time professional career.

  • Music bands can venture into creating their own music and can even launch their own music album.

  • Live performances at corporate events and social gigs is another way of making a successful career as part of a music band.

  • Those who want to further expand their horizons and get into the lucrative hard core commercial world can get into the business of making jingles as well as creating background music score for movies.

  • With time, successful music bands can even consider opening their own music school to train youngsters just like them who are passionate about building a career in music.

 Music Education - Music Schools & Institutes Offering Courses in Music:  


With the mushrooming of Music Schools & Institutes offering music courses in India, learning music has become every bit accessible for anyone who has a passion for building a career in music. Right from courses in Vocal Classical music to light music, Western music or playing a musical instrument such as Guitar, Drums, Tabla, Sitar, Violin, Keyboard etc, it is no longer difficult to learn music and polish your skills.

 What it takes to Become a Successful Music Band:  
  • In order to build a successful career as part of a music band, it is important to have talent.  

  • By getting the necessary training and education in music, you can polish your latent skills and improve at your craft, thus getting prepared for entering the challenging yet rewarding industry of music.

  • Besides these, marketing and publicizing your band is also important to create a space and name for yourself.

 How Lucrative is a Career as a Music Band?  
While some startup music bands perform at small shows for pocket money, those with a dedication to make this their full time career move up the ladder with every successive show. Earnings can range from as low as 5000 per show to several lakhs with the right efforts in terms of dedication and marketing the brand.

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