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The power of the written word is being truly understood today, both online and offline. Whether we talk about newspapers, magazines or websites, the written word is gaining prominence and this creates a demand for individuals who have the ability to make an impact with their words.

There was a time when a career in journalism was highly sought after. Today, online content writing demands the same attention.

 Job of a Content Writer:  

The main job of a Content writer is to write articles, press releases as well as website content for clients across all industries.


An understanding of SEO is even more beneficial as it improves the chances of a website being found in response to a search on any Search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

A Content Writer may also have to

  • editing and proof read content once written.

  • write, editing and proof read copy for client projects based on the material supplied by them.

  • Write product descriptions, brand support material etc.

 What it Takes to Build a Successful Career in Content Writing:  
  • To excel in this field you must have the ability to understand the requirement of the client in terms of who you are writing for, what is it that the client wants the website to do  - provide information, sell a product or an idea.

  • Since there is a difference between writing for the web and writing for print, the writer must know how to talk to the online audiences effectively to truly make an impact on them.

 Flexibility & Choices:  

Content Writers have the choice of joining a Content writing firm or working on their own as a Freelance Content Writer. A good writing portfolio has its advantage as it gives the writer tremendous confidence as well as acts as work experience for their future clients to see.

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