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Alternative Healing as a Career Choice - Job Profile & Duties of Alternative Healers Using Alternate Healing Techniques

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Careers in Alternative Healing - Job Profile of Alternate Healers

Alternate Healing techniques are gaining popularity in India with more and more people now willing to try such solutions and techniques to get rid of their old, nagging health problems.

 Alternative Healing As a Career Option:  

An acceptance of alternative healing techniques for the mind and body is creating a demand and opening up career options for individuals who want to pursue a career in such a field. 


What is required to be successful in this career is an interest in -

  • Studying and learning the nuances of each healing technique.

  • An ability to empathize with the person who requires such healing.

  • A calm disposition and a helping, compassionate nature.

 Getting Trained: Common Healing Techniques  

If interested in building a career in any of the following Healing Techniques, spend a little time to find out Institutes offering specialized courses in Alternate Healing.
  • Acupuncture - is used for healing ailments such as arthritis, respiratory problems, disorder of the eyes, nose etc.

  • Massage Therapy - Massage Therapists are in great demand especially for spas. More and more people are visiting spas on a regular basis to avail the benefits of full body massages that help in relieving stress and provide relief from muscle tensions and pains.

  • Reiki - makes the use of energy transfers from person to another in an attempt to relieve stress and pains.

Some of the other techniques gaining popularity include Tarot Card Reading and Past Life Regression Therapy.

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  • Alternate healing solutions in Indore by certified and experience professional: Reiki Healing, Aura Cleaning, Chakra diagnosis and healing with crystals and affirmations, Tarot Card Reading and counseling, Stress Relief and confidence building through Hypnotherapy. Can provide distance Reiki. Healer is "Usui Shiki Ryoho" Reiki certified to provide in hand and distance Reiki (1st and 2nd Degree) Certified in Tarot Card Reading from "The Source", Mumbai. "Master Hypnotist" certification from California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII).[email protected]

* Disclaimer: We do not endorse any professionals listed here. Please contact them at your own risk.

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