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Travelogue Maharashtra @ Content Writer

Visit To Shirdi, Nasik, Matheran, Lonavala

By Mr. Debashis Bose, Contributing Traveller

24-10-06 We, a group of 8 senior citizens, started for the above mentioned places, from Uttarpara, (a suburb 10 km north of Kolkata), left for Howrah station, by a local train, and thereafter left Howrah by Azad Hind Express at 09.25 PM.

We spent the whole day and night in the train with the excitement of going to visit places, which we had not seen earlier.

26-10-06 We arrived at Kopargaon station at 01.42 AM, and availed autos to reach to the Ashrama of SaiBaba at Shirdi. Though Shirdi is a small town, the Ashrama complex is large enough, where other than the temple of SaiBaba, there are a lot of accommodations to stay, dining place, garage etc. Three rooms were allotted to us, we had rest and a bit of sleep also. In the morning, we went to the temple for 'Darshan'.

 Temple At Shirdi

Temple At Shirdi

We had our breakfast in the canteen, where food, i.e. breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are available at very cheap rates. We strolled on the main roads, markets and had meals in between. Our night stay was there itself.

27-10-06 Leaving Shirdi at 07.05 AM by bus, we arrived at Nasik at 09.12 AM. Nasik is a very old and religious town, on the banks of Godavari river. It is one of the four places in India, where 'Kumbha Mela' is held. It is also known as Western Kashi/Varanasi of India.

Venue Of Kumbha Mela At Nasik

Venue - Kumbha Mela at Nasik

For our sightseeing programme, we hired a Tata Sumo and started at 10.20 AM. We, had been to Trombyokeshwar Temple, Someshwar Temple, Kalaram Temple at Panchvati, Kopaleshwar Temple, Ramghat & Sitagumpha, and last of all Mukti Dham. Instead of going into full details of the places, we visited, I shall mention only one.

Trombyokeshwar Temple

Trombyokeshwar Temple

Muktidham, Nasik

Muktidham, Nasik

Close to the Trombyokeshwar temple, a square pond known as 'Kund' has been built by stones, with steps on each side and path on all the sides to go around and the whole area is covered with walls having four temples at four corners. Opposite to the main entrance, on the wall, there are six inlets in a row from which water from six rivers, viz, Soroswoti, Gayatri, Sabitri, Koyena, Venna and Krishna flow into the pond or kund. It's a holy place and many people take bath in this pond or kund.

Kund At Nasik - Water From 6 Rivers Collects Here

The Pond or 'Kund' At Nasik - Water from 6 Rivers accumulates Here

Other than the places we visited, there are also Suryanarayan Temple, Rameshwar Temple, Ramakund etc. which we could not cover. We left Nasik at 05.15 PM by train and reached Kalyan at 09.20 PM, and stayed at a lodge for the night.

28-10-06 We left Kalyan at 06.55 AM by train, and arrived at Neral at 07.20 AM. There is a toy train from Neral to Matheran, but as it was out of order, we walked along the track, for 3 km and reached Matheran. It is a hill-station, and vehicles are not allowed within the city.

Way To Matheran - Hill Station, Maharashtra India

Way to Matheran, a Hill Station


We did some sightseeing on foot and visited Madhav point, Khandala point, Shiva Temple, Lake and Echo-Point. We had our lunch there, and returned to Neral on foot, at 03.10 PM. From Neral, we arrived at Karjat by train and from there by auto to Khapoli, and from there by bus to Lonavala at 07.15 PM for our night halt and stay.

29-10-06 At Lonavala, for sight seeing we hired a Tata Sumo at 08.30 AM, and visited Bushydam, Tiger's leap, Roy-Wood Park. We also purchased some local products - sweets known as Chikkies. These are made with different fruits with sweeteners and are of many varieties.

Roy-Wood Park, Lonavala

Roy-Wood Park, Lonavala

We left Lonavala at 12.30 PM by the same vehicle for Mahabaleshwar. En route, we stopped at Panchgani, to witness para-gliding from a hill top known as Table-Top-Hill. We had been to Parsi Park and Khandala also. Not very far from our route, there are Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa caves, but somehow we did not visit these.

Trip Continues - Khandala, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Ganapatipule & Mumbai

About Contributing Traveller : Mr. Debashis Bose is a 72 year old retired Railway employee whose hobbies include travelling & tourism, photography and amateur radio. He is a nature lover and prefers to visit little known places as opposed to big cities with the aim of enjoying nature in abundance. Before going on his regular tours with family and friends, Debashis spends time in studying different places and collecting information about them. On returning from the visit, he prepares a travelogue, with sketch map & photos, so that he can inspire others to visit these places and enjoy nature. [email protected]

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