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Natural Stones for Roofing & Cladding - Indian Slate

Slate is a hard and strong stone formed naturally through the process of metamorphosis. It is a fine grained stone and its formation can be dated back to ancient times. It is believed that the river water carried a lot of silt and mud which was deposited in the sea floor. These sediments composed of clays and shale eventually build into piles of slate.

Slate stones are available in a variety of colors such as green, blue black, grey, copper, brown etc. The color of Slate is determined largely by its  mineral composition.


What differentiates slate from other stones is its ability to be split into thin sheets (plates) making it perfect for roofing, cladding etc. Slates can be given a number of different finishes like honed, sand rubbed etc.

Slates are used for many different purposes. Slate roofing, Slate paving and Slate flooring are common applications. The raw slate stone is available in the form of Slate Blocks, Slate Slabs, Slate Tiles and Slate Countertops. Depending on the use, these forms of Slate Stones are used. Slate floor tiles and roofing slate are commonly used.

Slate quarries are a large resource of Natural Slate stones and Slate suppliers process these rocks to make them usable. Copper Slate, multicolor slate and Black Slate are famous varieties of slate.


Slate Blocks

What are Slate Blocks?

Slate suppliers are spread across the world. These suppliers use the most natural source of slate rocks that is the slate quarries to process raw slate into various forms to make them usable.

Slate blocks are large masses of Slate stone. These large blocks of slate are further processed and cut into different sizes and shapes depending on their uses. 


Slate Slabs

What are Slate Slabs?

Slate slabs basically refer to flat pieces of slate stone. Slate blocks are cut and processed into slate slabs which are used in a number of applications both interior as well as exterior. 

Thanks to slate's strong cleavage property, slate stone can be split into thin sheets. These sheets of slate are tough and have a strong shining to them which makes them ideal for interior as well as exterior use.


Slate Tiles

What are Slate Tiles?

Slate tiles are thin four sided sheets of slate. Slate tiles are ideal for interior as well as exterior uses. Installing slate tile is relatively easy and Slate floor tiles are used extensively for flooring purposes.

What makes slate a perfect building material whether in the form of tiles or slabs is its ability medium hardness and its shining effect. Cleaning slate tiles is very easy and they look best when used for flooring purposes. Besides flooring, slates can be used for roofing as well. 


Slate Countertops

What are Slate Counter Tops?

Counter tops basically refer to a level surface usually fixed on top of a cabinet or a display case. These countertops come in handy in places like kitchens, retail stores, homes etc.

Slate is of medium hardness and is a beautiful Natural Stone. It has an unbeatable natural look to it which makes it ideal for use as a kitchen or garden countertop.


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