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More About Natural Stones - Uses of Sandstone, India

Sandstones are sedimentary rocks and are largely composed of quartz. These grains of quartz are bound together by other minerals such as silica.

It is believed that sandstone rocks are formed by the process of erosion and reformation of quartzite as a result of wind and water. Sandstone is a very strong building stone and is available in many colors like red, brown, pink and beige etc. Pink sandstone are especially beautiful and used for paying out many beautiful wonders of art. The silica that holds the stone together is the deciding factor of how tough the stone will be.


Being an ideal building material, sandstone is used to create beautiful architectural buildings and monuments. Sandstone quarried at mines are then cut and processed into Sandstone Blocks, Sandstone Slabs, Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone Countertops, which are then used for different purposes.

From buildings to garden furniture and landscaping, flooring to cladding, the uses of sandstone are many. Sandstone tiles and slabs are useful for interior as well as exterior purpose.

Sandstone fireplaces, sandstone fountains and other sandstone products are quite popular.


Sandstone Blocks

What are Sandstone Blocks?


Through erosion and deposition of quartz over the years in river beds and beaches, sandstone is formed. Sandstone quarries have large resources of sandstone rock that is processed into various usable forms. Sandstone blocks are large masses of sandstone.

These large sandstone blocks are then processed and given a smooth surface. Cutting of sandstone blocks results in products of sandstone such as architectural buildings, pillars and arches. Over the years, many monuments have been build using sandstone.


Sandstone Slabs

What are Sandstone Slabs?

Quarries are the raw reservoirs of Sandstone. The sandstone blocks are cut and processed into smaller, more usable sizes and textures. Sandstone Slabs are flat pieces of sandstone that are used for flooring and cladding. 

These slabs are ideal for building the foundation of any monument or architectural entity. Ideal for both interior as well as exterior applications, Sandstone slabs come into use for paving and building fireplaces.


Sandstone Tiles

What are Sandstone Tiles?


Sandstone tiles are four sided flat sheets of Sandstone. Depending on the uses, Sandstone tiles are processed into different sizes. From floors to roofs and countertops, Sandstone tiles are an ideal roofing and paving material. Cleaning sandstone tiles is not difficult and they provide a beautiful look and feel. Sandstone flooring is quite popular.


Sandstone Countertops

What are Sandstone Counter Tops?

Counter tops basically refer to a level surface usually fixed on top of a cabinet or a display case. These countertops come in handy in places like kitchens, retail stores, homes etc. Sandstone is a strong and durable Natural Stone and has a beautiful natural look to it. Thanks to its natural look, Sandstone makes for excellent countertops which are used outdoors such as in gardens etc.


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