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List of NGO's In India

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PRERANA - Provision for Recognition, Education, Rejuvenation and Awareness Generation for Needy Anonymous - NGO India

(Established in 2005) (Registration No.567)

Origin of PRERANA

Development of a universal prevention scheme is an essential aspect of each country’s National Social Services Programme. While in the West, impressive improvements have been made for overall development of life; people in developing countries are still struggling to ensure a better quality of life. Poverty, illiteracy of the population, unemployment, unawareness & ignorance, lack of infrastructural facilities and an over-burdened health care system makes the task all the more difficult. Hence, it is very essential that there should be some special activities with especially motivated and enthusiastic persons who can be geared to handle and tackle these burning issues. Moreover, it is a moral responsibility of all of us to help the people who are in need, in leading a normal and quality of life as far as possible.

There are several NGOs’ running in and around Dhanbad (Jharkhand) with some specific objectives, but unfortunately there were no such NGOs, which can tackle these issues in a more holistic and integral approach, until a group of philanthropists from different localities in Dhanbad (Jharkhand) pledged to devote and take this noble task. These efforts have lead to the birth of this organization dedicated to these unprivileged people on January 2005, in Ajantapara Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and finally has been registered in August 2007. The organization was christened ‘PRERANA’ (Provision for recognition, education, rejuvenation, and awareness generation for needy anonymous) and has been striving since then to bring the downtrodden people into the mainstream of the society to have a better and quality of life in the best possible way. PRERANA has drawn generous support from different dignified institutions, noble persons and many Society’s and Sangha’s.  

Growth of PRERANA

PRERANA, started with a few slums (with limited objectives) located at Dhanbad (Jharkhand), has now covering many underdeveloped areas with a view to give community people a proper meaning of life and help them to develop in all aspects of life. Recently, PRERANA has managed to collaborate its work with Patliputra Medical College Hospital (Rural Training Health Centre, Govindpur) for awareness generation on genetic disorder. PRERANA is now registered under Societies Act (21, 1860, Registration No. 567, 2007-8). PRERANA can able to function mainly on the government funds, generous donations both in terms of money and non-monetary support.

Primary Objectives of the organization (Activities of PRERANA) The organization mainly intends to explore in the following areas with some specific aims and objectives: -

1. Health It is said that health is wealth. Mostly modern medicine is often accused for its preoccupation with the understanding of disease, and neglects the understanding of health. Consequently, our ignorance about health continues to be profound as for example, the determinants of health are not yet clear, the current definitions of health are elusive and there is no single yardstick for measuring health. Health continues to be a neglected entity despite lip service. At the individual level, it cannot be said that health occupies an important place; it is usually subjugated to other needs defined as more important, e.g., wealth, power, prestige, knowledge, and security. It has been found that there are numerous problems faced by the community people in an around Dhanbad. PRERANA mainly interested to work on health related issues like HIV/AIDS counseling, awareness generation programmes on genetic disorders, and on some common health problems (like, malnutrition, reproductive health of women, pre-marital and marital counseling, industrial health hazards, etc.) which most of the time taken in a different manner. Moreover, the organization will try to find out the role of culture and the nature of complexities that Families face in upbringing the children, including the problems encountered in availing the support systems especially in the remote areas of Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
2. Education Education is one of the important factors for the growth and development of the country. The most important factor that influences the health status is education (especially women education). It has been observed that education to some extent compensates the effects of poverty on health irrespective of the availability of the health facilities. Moreover, in India, conspicuous gender disparities exist in education, especially with regard to enrolment at the primary, upper-primary and higher levels of school education. From the preliminary field survey it is observed that literacy rate especially among women is very poor in the surveyed areas. Social attitudes, poor access to school, and family-oriented roles and responsibilities of the females are responsible for this disparity. Therefore, the organization intends to work on women education and women empowerment through self-help group. In addition, the organization will motivate people for informal education (irrespective of any class) especially for the aged. It will also render its services in technical education.

3. Unemployment It is observed that Government job is limited and the competition is very tough. Moreover, youth face the problems of favouritism and corruption, which are the main social stigma for getting a job. Therefore, self-employment through entrepreneurial programme and vocational training for the skilled, unskilled, poor and weaker sections of the society is very essential to make the people economically independent and self-sufficient. In unorganised sector, it has also observed that many of the women (under BPL) support their family earnings. They are being ill-treated by their husbands and middlemen. In such scenario the NGO will organise them to fight for their own right through self-help groups and cooperative societies. As a result the status of women can be improved.

Functions of PRERANA

PRERANA arranges Health check-up camps, door to door surveys, counseling on issues related to HIV/AIDS, information generation on different health as well as social problems etc. Moreover, it organizes sports, drawing competition for the children and help them to come into the main stream of the society.

Future Plans In the future PRERANA will explore its activities on a larger area to represent India.

How Can You Help PRERANA? We request you to donate generously towards this organization. We are sure that your donation will go in a long way in building a better tomorrow for these unprivileged sections of the society and in turn for a better tomorrow in India. Please help PRERANA through your support with a zeal & energy for this noble cause in making a society self-sufficient and self-dependent. Moreover, we need your financial, non-monetary, legal, social support. Your donation can be sent in the form of a cheque or draft in favour of Dhanbad PRERANA and can be sent to any of the following Governing Body members of PRERANA. You can become a member of PRERANA (Life Membership fee being Rs. 1000/-) and help us with your active participation in this noble cause.

For any queries, Please contact: -

Contact PRERANA - Ajantapara, Hirapur, P.O. Dhanbad, 826 001, Jharkhand (INDIA)
[email protected]

Dr. Tanuka Roy Sinha, Secretary MSW, M.Phil, Ph.D (IIT KGP) Mob:- 09234413061 e-mail : [email protected] [email protected]

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